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MICHAEL BODEKAER CTO, Labster "...We have a great partnership with Raccoon Gang. They've provided a great deal of support in the implementation of Labster's Next Generation Educational Platform. I'm very happy with the work we've done so far, and I'm looking forward to collaborating on more amazing projects in the future..."
Francis Xavier Finigan President, American Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services, Ltd The RG team does their best to provide us with realistic options for software development and integration with our learning management system. It is without hesitation that we recommend Raccoon Gang to others that may be seeking a professional collaborative team to work with.
Yigal Rosen Senior Research Scientist, Harvard University The experience of working with Raccoon Gang was really exceptional and we would love to continue to work with the team for further HarvardX functionality...understanding the complex ecosystem of edX is very unique for Raccoon Gang and they are very well positioned to partner with organizations that are interested in innovation online learning with a major focus on Open edX
Andrew Ang Harvard VPAL Research Group, Harvard University Raccoon Gang has been a great partner that has helped us with multiple web development projects. Their experience with hosting OpenedX instances, implementing LTI integrations, and general experience developing education applications has been especially valuable.
Brian O’Grady Programme Director, Code Institute Yana and all at Raccoon Gang rapidly accelerated our work on the Open edX platform. They are a fantastic team who worked smoothly and painlessly with us in providing next level platform scaling and user experience for our students. All of this was done within budget and on time. Highly recommended.
ROBERTO RENZ IT Manager, Reddin Consultants "...Working with Raccoon Gang has been such a pleasure. They know their stuff. It only took one call for them to understand our needs and program our x-block the way we needed. The work was done fast and with very high standards. We will definitely be working with them in future projects..."
BRAINBASKET Team of BrainBasket Foundation, BrainBasket "...BrainBasket foundation asked the Raccoon Gang to help with the installation of educational platform Open Edx. The RG team had successfully deployed the platform and configured its stable operation. They quickly respond to any questions and comments. Together with the Raccoon Gang we are building a bright future for the country, developing the opportunities for free online education for everyone. We hope on further collaboration with these guys because they do their job perfectly!..."
Hugo Morne Microsoft Business Unit Manager, Torque IT The RaccoonGang has been nothing but exception with regards to the planning of, developing and after-service when it came to our edX roll-out. More so, the learning curve on this has been huge for us and RG has simply made it possible with the sharing of knowledge and answering of questions. We would not be in the position we are now where we have a competitive solution in market had it not been for the RG and their teams of supportive staff. I would highly recommend RG to any company.
BLAKE ANNEBERG Head of Technology NoticeAbility, NoticeAbility "...NoticeAbility creates content to inspire and motivate children with dyslexia that leverages the latest OpenEdx technology. We are thrilled to partner with Raccoon Gang because we know they have deep knowledge of EdX, wonderful engineering support teams and the willingness test out new technology at a price that is important for us as a new nonprofit EdTech startup..."
SYLVIE BIANCHI Project Manager, Samilia Foundation «...Raccoon Gang has collaborated with us in the context of creating an e-learning tool for corporate people in the field of human trafficking in order to raise awareness among the business community. Raccoon Gang has developed the online training platform and the staff has been of great support, flexibility and dedication to our project. We are thankful for what has been achieved…"
KEITH MAGEE Head of Education at Camara Education Ltd, Camara Education "...Yana and the team at Raccoon Gang have enabled us to launch our first ever learning platform, Camara Learning Academy. They ensured the process was seamless with clear and detailed communication through the development and implementation phase and have continued with quality ongoing support as we start using the platform through out our network. I would happily recommend working with Raccoon Gang and will be using their services again in the future..."
AKSHAT SHRIVASTAVA CEO and Founder, Millionlights "...Working with the Raccoon Gang Team has been a fantastic experience. Their knowledge of Open edX is deep and extensive. I wish them the best!..."
MICHAEL DOLAN CTO, SocraticBrain "...Raccoon Gang shares our passion to transform education. They listen carefully to what we are trying to do to help teachers improve student outcomes and then they use their deep knowledge of Open edX to suggest alternative solutions. They provide cost and strategic implications upfront and then they deliver timely on budget results..."
OLEKSII MOLCHANOVSKYI Owner, Prometheus "We have used the service provided by Raccoon Gang while transferring our learning web-platform Prometheus based on OpenEdX from a dedicated single machine to the set of Azure accounts provided by Microsoft. Guys from Raccoon Gang did a great job. They deployed a network of virtual servers on several Azure accounts. That system eventually became stable and ready to respond to the high user traffic demand. Raccoon Gang team continually supports our platform. It is our pleasure to work with them"
IVAN KNEZEVIC Techniсal Team Lead, Enterprise Training Center Fast, professional and precise. It was a pleasure to work with you.
William Akehurst Learning Solutions Lead, ALU Education Working with Raccoon Gang has allowed us to automate our deployments, increase the quality of our code, and accelerate our deployment cycle. The Raccoon Gang team are always on task, easy to reach, and deliver great work. We will continue to use their expertise as a dedicated external team for all our Open EdX tasks.
Laman Mammadli Project Manager, Edumedia-Azerbaijan LLC Our cooperation with Raccoon Gang started in 2018 and it is a great pleasure to work with the team because they share many of the same attributes that we value at Edumedia-Azerbaijan: customer focus, resourcefulness, the ability and sense of agility required to deliver optimal releases and products to customers. With its outstanding management and executive teams, we are happy to work together and create high efficiency.
Olya Chuprikova IT-specialist, Gaidar University Guys, it's always a pleasure to work with you. Your Project Manager Yaroslav perfectly manages all things and supports our platform professionally! We're happy to collaborate with Raccoon Gang. Thank you for your good work!
Geson Perry Director of Art & Virtual Learning, d2o “...It has been a pleasure to work with the Raccoon gang and I definitely recommend the them! They have been rapid, responsive and very skilled and got impressed how fluid it all went. We moved from a Moodle platform to edX with their help. Our edX solution is to get our customers to increase their excellence in PMI (Performance Management Intelligence by d2o). …”
Marnix Wolf Product Manager, Vijfhart IT-Opleidingen Maintaining the LaaS platform based on Open edX is quite a challenge. Working with Raccoon Gang however, makes it so much better. They know their way around on the edX platform and provide professional support whenever required. Whether it’s for regular maintenance or deep troubleshooting, Raccoon Gang is there to assist. On top of it all, they put the customer first in all their communications. This kind of dedication combined with a deep knowledge of edX is quite rare.
Giorgos Psathas Digital Marketing Specialist | Founder, Letstudy The Raccoon Gang team is the most organized team I have ever collaborated with. Anastasiia - a Project Manager - never missed any deadline and always willing to help in any request I have. Even Luci from the Finance department always available to answer my questions. Thanks for the work you do.
Leo Cuijpers Commercial Director, @The Academy IT Training and Certificering Racoongang has helped us greatly with setting up OpenEdx and supporting it. Thanks for your commitment!
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Why the Open edX Platform?

  • Affordable

    As Open edX is open source, both initial investments and long-term maintenance costs are much lower, as compared to proprietary software. Besides, you don’t need to pay for what you don’t use

  • Ever-developing

    This open-source LMS is always top-notch due to being developed by experts from world-leading universities and huge community worldwide.

  • Environment-ready

    Boasting cross-platform deployment, multi-language support, a variety of installation options, easy integration with existing ecosystems and social networks.

  • Customizable design
    Customizable design

    Widely brandable LMS with a plethora of course modules available out-of-the-box and immense design customization options.

  • Course author-friendly
    Course author-friendly

    Online learning platform working with multiple HTML5-compatible tools and WYSIWYG editor, providing SCORM and Tin Can API integration, simple content management and countless third party software integration.


    Mobile apps with access to course content using any platform, enabling the learners to download course content, complete quizzes and pass exams from their mobile devices.


    Keeps your learners updated on the latest course events via push notifications, calendar, multiple communication and collaboration tools.


    Teams and cohorts allow division into separate groups of learners and instructors with adjustable levels of access to empower teamwork and collaboration.


    Open edX was built specifically to deploy MOOCs and this learning platform is on the pinnacle of online learning.

We help organizations through the online course life cycle

  • Courseware Infrastructure 1 Pre-platform development; get started for free; trial course; try with several students; toolset training
  • Syllabus, Materials Infrastructure Improvements 2 Instructional design; content production; content adaption; consultations; Infrastructure fit for specific needs
  • Pre-Release 3 Testing; Proofreading; Accessibility
  • Post-course 5 Insights framework; Analysis Implementation; Product evolution consultation
  • Release 4 2nd and 3d line support


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