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open edx api integration


Every company or university definitely has some online infrastructure. That is why the process of online course deployment often means adding Open edX platform to an already existing database and ensuring smooth data exchange. Raccoon Gang offers Open edX API integration services to ensure 100% compatibility of Open edX platform with third-party solutions and modules.

API integration is done through so-called API extensions, which allow smooth interactions between Open edX instance and any other software. Here are some use cases for such Open edX API extensions:


Open edX API integration use case 1  Single Open edX account from HR/students database

Open edX API integration use case 2  Course tracking & stats connected to HR database

Open edX API integration use case 3  Training sessions inside organisation's calendar/PM system

Open edX API integration use case 4  Easier course adjustment


The biggest advantage of API extensions is that they work regardless of the coding language used in the system. This means that Open edX built using Python can be seamlessly integrated with .NET, Java, C++ and other languages and frameworks.

If you have any doubts on adding Open edX to your software environment - contact us today and we will ensure that Open edX API integration with your system will go smoothly!


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