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Open edX custom feature development


We firmly believe Open edX to be the most advanced and prominent elearning platform nowadays. However, the standard Open edX instance cannot satisfy each and every request an LMS administrator might have. That is why Open edX custom feature development is essential, as it allows tailoring the platform to your needs as well as adding specific functionality required by your students and content authors.

Why would your Open edX platform instance need custom features?

  • Some students might have problems with passing in-course tests and doing practical tasks, and authors can be unaware of the situation. Custom tracking features can be added to the course and will inform authors of the bottlenecks in the learning process. Ability to adjust course content on the fly is essential to keeping your students satisfied.
  • Many students sign up for a course but never even begin studying, or lose initial engagement over time. Adding push notifications, interactive bot conversations and easy-to-comprehend micro courses helps address this issue. Gamification and adding interactivity to the course improves completion and increases engagement.
  • Course-specific XBlocks allow presenting of a very specific content - like musical notes, DNA sequences, ballistics, or anything that can be portrayed in 2 or 3d - in an easy and interactive way.

Here are just some of the custom features we can provide using edX xBlock SDK:

  • Integration with 3rd party systems (authorisation, reporting, time tracking, video conferencing to name a few)
  • New problem types
  • Custom courseware content type (think math formula synced with graph, and this is animated :)
  • Gamification systems
  • Adaptive learning approaches
  • External graders for various programming languages & databases

There are as many custom feature requests for Open edX as there are companies providing such MOOC’s. Raccoon Gang has a deep understanding of such problems and vast experience in augmenting the Open edX platform with the help of edX custom feature development.

Contact us for more details and we’ll be glad to help!



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