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Online Course development


A good online course can provide some knowledge if a student finishes it. A great online course is the one students will finish and recommend to their friends. 

There is a way of transforming nearly any online course into a useful and engaging quest. Knowing and actively using some imperceptible details of Open edX course development can turn studying solving a complex code problem into an adventure the students will love to experience.

At Raccoon Gang we believe that eLearning is the key element of renovating and improving current education and corporate training system, as new technologies require future specialists to have certain skills they cannot obtain using old-school approach. We offer online course development services that provide useful, interesting and engaging product for your students.

  • There are certain problems that online courses face and have to deal with:
  • There are lots of courses deployed on each MOOC provider and it’s sometimes hard to find a course of a particular author or on particular topic
  • Many students can’t keep up the pace, begin to fall behind in the process and never finish the courses
  • Many disciplines require lots of costly equipment for live experiments
  • Millennials prefer active conversation to passive listening, which is hard to provide in online courses
  • There is literally no control over the test passing process, so the risk of student cheating is quite high

Open edX course development with such features allows solving these problems in a convenient and reliable manner:

  • Stand out the course or set of courses from the rest by means of Microsites
  • Create adaptive courseware by means of CCX  
  • Deploy micro-courses - short courses with intensive practice, covering the topic in mere hours
  • Give your students access to cutting edge labs and experiments by means of Virtual Lab, which allows having the experiments real-time without spending consumables  
  • Engage students into knowledgeable conversations using Chatbots for Open edX that greatly increase course interactivity
  • Leverage the stress of finals by convenient proctoring system, which helps control how the students pass their tests and removes the bulk of load from the teacher

If you want to create online courses that your students will actually want to complete, courses that will be useful for students and profitable for authors, courses that will make your platform popular - contact us and we will be glad to help you with that!


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