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There are detailed guides on Open edX installation and configuration available. However, they might be overwhelming for an unprepared user. In addition, following these guides requires knowledge and experience with several software products and environments, like Ansible, Vagrant and VirtualBox.

Open edX platform is a freely distributed open source product, highly customizable and easy in management, which is the reason it is LMS of choice for brands like Applied Materials, Edx.org, Labster, Prometheus, etc. Correct Open edX deployment is crucial part of your online courses or personnel retraining program. However, Open edX platform installation and setup is complicated and requires certain technical background and knowledge. 

That is why Open edX requires some effort on maintenance. Open edX deployment, configuration, customization and further maintenance are best done using professionals’ help.

Raccoon Gang has vast experience in providing Open edX software as a service.

Contact us if you want your Open edX instance to be launched on time, customized to fit your needs and operating without major effort from your side! 



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