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We believe that Open edX changes the way people learn. Open edX platform allows people all over the world learn and gain valuable skills for free. Premium certificates should be paid for though, and this is the reason there are many MOOC providers who want their brand to be recognizable.

This is why branding the Open edX LMS under your company’s style is important. Many companies and individuals nowadays are interested in custom Open edX template (or ‘theme’ in other words) design, as it allows distinguishing amongst the competition and improving brand awareness. 

We provide the service of custom Open edX template development to our customers. We are proud to be the developers who stand behind such MOOC providers as Labster.com and Millionlights.org.

Open edX Theme can be changed in a wide range of options - from simple branding (LINK to our proposal), through changing of landing page to full-fledged customisation of courseware section. Let us know if you need details on each option.

Do you need a custom Open edX design for your platform? Do you want it to be easily recognized? We can help with that! Contact Raccoon Gang right away to create a recognisable and attractive design of your online course!



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