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Open edX Third Party Authentication

Open edX third party authentication


Open edX third party authentication feature enables your students to log to their Open edX accounts through their social network accounts, email or any other third party software you integrate. Raccoon Gang are able to create Open edX third party authentication with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and many other platforms.

Third party authentication is coupled with SSO - single sign on process, allowing you to use one login and password for accessing all systems deployed in your organization, including Open edX instance. 

The interaction between Open edX and SSO module usually is done via OAuth2 authentication protocol, yet other options are also available if need be. 

We chose it for implementation as it has the following benefits:

 OAuth2 is a well-documented, well-known and secure enough authentication protocol

 It is implemented both as a provider and as a client of Open edX third party authentication

 This can be dropped if needed, and all the services will have separate authentication.

Raccoon Gang has vast experience in Open edX third party authentication installation and setup. We like to help customers provide a convenient and secure ways of authentication to their students.

Contact us to make your online courses better accessible, while keeping them well secured!


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