🔔 Maximize course ROI by 50-60% 📈 with Raccoon Gang's Instructional Design 👉
🔔 Maximize course ROI by 50-60% 📈 with Raccoon Gang's Instructional Design. Transform your learning materials today 📚 Click here to learn more! 👉
Save up to 50% on Grading and Feedback Time with AI Power


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AI Assistant Overview

AI Assistant by Raccoon Gang is an innovative AI-based solution designed to empower educators. It integrates advanced Artificial Intelligence into the Open edX® platform, transforming the assessment process and elevating learning experiences.

Customizable Assessments:
Empower instructors to align criteria efficiently with course objectives.
Time Optimization:
Automate assessments, freeing up 17.5 hours monthly.
Enhanced Evaluation Efficiency:
Reduce feedback time by 90%, enabling teachers to prioritize direct teaching.
Instant Intelligent Feedback:
Utilize AI for quick, insightful feedback, reducing educators' grading workload.

Precise Grading and Accurate Results

Customize your grading with AI. Save time and ensure accurate assessments for every student.
Fact Checking:
AI verifies factual accuracy in student assignments.
Grammar and Spelling Checks:
Ensures language and writing mechanics are correct.
Plagiarism Detection:
Identifies unoriginal content by comparing it against vast databases.
Basic Math and Calculations:
Automatically grades math assignments for accuracy.
Multiple-Choice and Objective Questions:
Provides consistent and rapid grading.
Complex Answer Evaluation:
Evaluates open-ended answers for depth, critical thinking, and coherence.

AI Assistant Capabilities

Tailored Roles to suit your teaching objectives
Provides automated grading and assessment of student work, offering immediate feedback on assignments, quizzes, and open-ended responses.
Personalized Learning
Offers tailored learning paths and resources based on individual student needs, tracking progress, and recommending supplementary materials or exercises.
Analyzes student performance data to identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses, aiding educators in adapting teaching strategies for improved outcomes.
Recommends or generates supplementary content, such as additional readings or exercises, to support specific topics or areas where students may need reinforcement.
Adaptive Assessment
Creates adaptive assessments that adjust difficulty based on student responses, ensuring personalized and challenging evaluations.
Generates detailed feedback for students based on their submissions, highlighting areas of improvement and providing actionable insights.

AI Assistant Features:

Transformative Tools for Educators
AI-Driven Assessment:
Human Touch:
Automatic Grading:
Tutoring and Q&A:
AI Assistant uses advanced artificial intelligence to assess students' responses accurately.
Ensure consistent and objective grading by checking and evaluating answers based on predefined prompts.
Course owners, teachers, and instructors can personalize assessments with AI Assistant.
Tailor tasks and criteria precisely to course objectives and teaching styles for optimized learning experiences.
AI Assistant enables preliminary assessments sent to teachers for review and approval.
Guarantee fairness and reliability in grading through human-AI collaboration.
AI Assistant automates grading for assignments, quizzes, and exams, offering immediate feedback to students.
Save instructors' time while providing students with quick insights into their performance.
AI Assistant acts as a virtual tutor, addressing students' course-related questions and offering explanations.
Gain immediate assistance, especially in online or self-paced courses, when an instructor isn't available.



How AI Assistant transforms education with quantifiable results
Educator Satisfaction:
90% satisfaction rate
Feedback Turnaround:
Immediate instead of couple of days before
Grading Efficiency:
Open-Ended: 99% accuracy
Student Engagement:
Increased by 30% with personalized feedback

Configure AI Assistant in a Few Clicks

Personalize Assessments with an Easy Setup
Create engaging questions or tasks by simply clicking "Edit" to personalize the assessment prompts.
Effortlessly set criteria and options within the Rubric settings, ensuring a smooth setup that aligns perfectly with your assessment standards.
Filling out the "Prompt for AI completion" field activates AI analysis for more accurate student response evaluation.
Provide detailed Option Explanations to help with precise grading. These descriptions guide AI in accurately assessing student responses.
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