eLearning solutions based on Open edX platform

We believe eLearning reshapes the way people learn and train - and we are proud to be a part of the process! We concentrate on providing reliable infrastructure for running online courses. We do customization and ongoing support of Open edX platforms so that MOOC providers and businesses can concentrate on eLearning.

Comprehensive Open edX services


Online Course Development

Open edX Consulting

Open edX Configuration

Open edX Custom Feature Development

Open edX Platform Deployment

Open edX Mobile Development

Open edX API Integration

Open edX Support

Raccoon Gang is a US-based EduTech company founded in 2014. Our  employees were amongst the core developers or supervisors in a variety of Open edX open source components and core features. We have ample experience at developing and deploying MOOC’s and SPOC’s for various MOOC providers. We love to comprehend new horizons in order to achieve best results. That’s where our passion for eLearning comes from.

Who can benefit from our services


Traditional Educational Institutions

Going online is a worldwide trend and Raccoon Gang can be a reliable partner in kick-starting your online effort or maintaining your online infrastructure in cost-effective manner.


Companies and businesses

Having online courses is a cost effective and engaging way for a number of use-cases - customer onboarding, personnel training, to name a few.


Individual domain experts

Having your course online allows you to share your knowledge and earn some profits while still having time to evolve.

Almost 1,000,000 students study using eLearning solutions deployed by Raccoon Gang. Deep understanding of Open edX software and processes gives us the ability to provide great technical solutions that will meet and exceed highest customer’s expectations.

Company representatives are frequent speakers and guests on different conferences and seminars, including industry-leading events. This allows us to stay on the pinnacle of innovation and exchange knowledge with other market players.



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