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🔔 Maximize course ROI by 50-60% 📈 with Raccoon Gang's Instructional Design. Transform your learning materials today 📚 Click here to learn more! 👉

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The Advantages of Open edX as Your eLearning Platform

Tailor the platform to your branding and specific learning needs, providing a seamless experience for your learners.
Innovative Learning
Innovative Learning
Benefit from a rich set of tools for interactive and engaging course creation, including gamification, quizzes, and multimedia support.
Whether you're training a small team or a global workforce, Open edX can scale to meet your demands.
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Gain deep insights into learner performance, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance your courses.
Foster collaboration with discussion forums, social learning, and group activities.
Open-Source Community
Open-Source Community
Join a thriving community of developers and educators, ensuring ongoing support, updates, and access to a vast library of extensions.
and Badges
and Badges
Recognize learner achievements with certificates and badges, enhancing engagement and motivation.
and Reliable
and Reliable
Trust in a secure, reliable, and trusted platform, used by leading institutions and organizations worldwide.

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    Our Approach to LMS Development

    Courseware Infrastructure
    Pre-platform development; get started for free; trial course; try with several students; toolset training
    Syllabus, Materials Infrastructure Improvements
    Instructional design; content production; content adaption; consultations; Infrastructure fit for specific needs
    Testing; Proofreading; Accessibility
    Insights framework; Analysis Implementation; Product evolution consultation
    Syllabus, Materials Infrastructure Improvements
    2nd and 3d line support


    Sarah Johnson
    Systems Analyst Open Scale Courseware, Arizona State University
    We really enjoy working with the Raccoon Gang team and Anastasia is a fantastic project manager! She keeps things moving along, communicates with us regularly, makes sure the team is on track. The team is always willing to adjust to our evolving business needs and we appreciate the support!
    Yigal Rosen
    Senior Research Scientist, Harvard University
    The experience of working with Raccoon Gang was really exceptional and we would love to continue to work with the team for further HarvardX functionality...understanding the complex ecosystem of edX is very unique for Raccoon Gang and they are very well positioned to partner with organizations that are interested in innovation online learning with a major focus on Open edX
    CTO, Labster
    "...We have a great partnership with Raccoon Gang. They've provided a great deal of support in the implementation of Labster's Next Generation Educational Platform. I'm very happy with the work we've done so far, and I'm looking forward to collaborating on more amazing projects in the future..."
    William Akehurst
    Learning Solutions Lead, ALU Education
    Working with Raccoon Gang has allowed us to automate our deployments, increase the quality of our code, and accelerate our deployment cycle. The Raccoon Gang team are always on task, easy to reach, and deliver great work. We will continue to use their expertise as a dedicated external team for all our Open EdX tasks.
    Francis Xavier Finigan
    President, American Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services, Ltd
    The RG team does their best to provide us with realistic options for software development and integration with our learning management system. It is without hesitation that we recommend Raccoon Gang to others that may be seeking a professional collaborative team to work with.
    Brian O’Grady
    Programme Director, Code Institute
    Yana and all at Raccoon Gang rapidly accelerated our work on the Open edX platform. They are a fantastic team who worked smoothly and painlessly with us in providing next level platform scaling and user experience for our students. All of this was done within budget and on time. Highly recommended.
    Steve Holden
    Lead Developer, Labster
    Raccoon Gang were a trusted business partner before I joined Labster, and we needed to bring some legacy Python 2 Django 1 projects up to date. Raccoon Gang immediately took the lead on the project, and responded whenever I had questions. Even though the project was scheduled over a holiday period they delivered as required. I’ll have no hesitation in asking for their help the next time the team is overloaded.?
    Andrew Ang
    Harvard VPAL Research Group, Harvard University
    Raccoon Gang has been a great partner that has helped us with multiple web development projects. Their experience with hosting OpenedX instances, implementing LTI integrations, and general experience developing education applications has been especially valuable.
    Karen DeJarnette
    Program Manager at Fast Lane Consulting and Education, Fastlane US
    The Raccoon Gang Support team has worked together with me to help resolve issues with our customer's learners. They have educated me and listened to me. We are working on resolving questions quicker and ensuring they are addressed completely with a plan moving forward in case the question is raised by another learner in the future.
    Laurel Ozersky
    Learning Solutions Designer, ACTNext
    I want to thank Raccoon Gang, especially Managers Viktoriia and Yurii, and their teams. ACT is currently working on two big projects led by these teams and both teams are doing a wonderful job to keep our deliverables on track. I know many Raccoons are used to working from home already but even still, the current quarantine provides added challenges to everyone. I (and my ACT co-workers) deeply appreciate the hard work from both RG teams. Thank you!!
    IT Manager, Reddin Assessments
    "...Working with Raccoon Gang has been such a pleasure. They know their stuff. It only took one call for them to understand our needs and program our x-block the way we needed. The work was done fast and with very high standards. We will definitely be working with them in future projects..."
    Team of BrainBasket Foundation, BrainBasket
    "...BrainBasket foundation asked the Raccoon Gang to help with the installation of educational platform Open Edx. The RG team had successfully deployed the platform and configured its stable operation. They quickly respond to any questions and comments. Together with the Raccoon Gang we are building a bright future for the country, developing the opportunities for free online education for everyone. We hope on further collaboration with these guys because they do their job perfectly!..."
    Hugo Morne
    Microsoft Business Unit Manager, Torque IT
    The RaccoonGang has been nothing but exception with regards to the planning of, developing and after-service when it came to our edX roll-out. More so, the learning curve on this has been huge for us and RG has simply made it possible with the sharing of knowledge and answering of questions. We would not be in the position we are now where we have a competitive solution in market had it not been for the RG and their teams of supportive staff. I would highly recommend RG to any company.
    Head of Technology NoticeAbility, NoticeAbility
    "...NoticeAbility creates content to inspire and motivate children with dyslexia that leverages the latest OpenEdx technology. We are thrilled to partner with Raccoon Gang because we know they have deep knowledge of EdX, wonderful engineering support teams and the willingness test out new technology at a price that is important for us as a new nonprofit EdTech startup..."
    Project Manager, Samilia Foundation
    «...Raccoon Gang has collaborated with us in the context of creating an e-learning tool for corporate people in the field of human trafficking in order to raise awareness among the business community. Raccoon Gang has developed the online training platform and the staff has been of great support, flexibility and dedication to our project. We are thankful for what has been achieved…"
    Head of Education at Camara Education Ltd, Camara Education
    "...Yana and the team at Raccoon Gang have enabled us to launch our first ever learning platform, Camara Learning Academy. They ensured the process was seamless with clear and detailed communication through the development and implementation phase and have continued with quality ongoing support as we start using the platform through out our network. I would happily recommend working with Raccoon Gang and will be using their services again in the future..."
    CTO, SocraticBrain
    "...Raccoon Gang shares our passion to transform education. They listen carefully to what we are trying to do to help teachers improve student outcomes and then they use their deep knowledge of Open edX to suggest alternative solutions. They provide cost and strategic implications upfront and then they deliver timely on budget results..."
    Owner, Prometheus
    "We have used the service provided by Raccoon Gang while transferring our learning web-platform Prometheus based on OpenEdX from a dedicated single machine to the set of Azure accounts provided by Microsoft. Guys from Raccoon Gang did a great job. They deployed a network of virtual servers on several Azure accounts. That system eventually became stable and ready to respond to the high user traffic demand. Raccoon Gang team continually supports our platform. It is our pleasure to work with them"
    Techniсal Team Lead, Enterprise Training Center
    Fast, professional and precise. It was a pleasure to work with you.
    Laman Mammadli
    Project Manager, Edumedia-Azerbaijan LLC
    Our cooperation with Raccoon Gang started in 2018 and it is a great pleasure to work with the team because they share many of the same attributes that we value at Edumedia-Azerbaijan: customer focus, resourcefulness, the ability and sense of agility required to deliver optimal releases and products to customers. With its outstanding management and executive teams, we are happy to work together and create high efficiency.
    Geson Perry
    Director of Art & Virtual Learning, d2o
    “...It has been a pleasure to work with the Raccoon gang and I definitely recommend the them! They have been rapid, responsive and very skilled and got impressed how fluid it all went. We moved from a Moodle platform to edX with their help. Our edX solution is to get our customers to increase their excellence in PMI (Performance Management Intelligence by d2o). …”
    Gülcan Yayla
    Co-Founder & CEO, Kodluyoruz
    It was good for you to provide SMTP service when we really needed it. Also, it is great that you took action to improve services after our feedback.
    Leonard Cheok
    Learning Solutions Lead, Salmon Thrust
    Kudos to Maryna for her dedication despite not feeling well earlier during the week to deliver the requested changes. Maryna and Tamara have done a great job to understand our requirements and made appropriate project adjustments to cater to the few unexpected surprises found. The development team is very responsive to the issues reported and fixes are done in a timely manner.
    Antonella Abategiovanni
    Technical Assistance Associate for Latin America, EduFinance
    Raccoon Gang supported us into creating, implementing, and branding our LMS using the complex ecosystem of open EdX. We really appreciated Anastasiia and her team for their accountability: always caring for quality communication, time management and flexibility into offering ad-hoc solutions to accommodate our needs. Thanks to RG we can now scale on budget the delivery of our staff training worldwide through our website and mobile app! Thank you!!!
    Matt Glover
    Enterprise Sales Engineer, Flybits
    Quick responses at any hour, detailed solutions to issues and helpful documentation. Support staff is also always willing to go the extra mile and assist in correcting or resolving issues from the their end or point of access.
    Saad Qobti
    Backend Developer at KKU ELD, Project Manager at KKUx, KKUx
    Started just as a sketch with some vague requirements, it became a finalized project, all with the work done by your team who completed it in a compact timeline. We're proud of having such a great partner to take the job and make it one of the top learning platform in region. Thank you for your honesty and transparency in communication, I’m sure that the project is in good hands. We will discuss our plans for the next year when we all can work in harmony and get the best out of this product.
    Tim McCabe
    Director of Learning Technologies, University of Washington
    You all are absolute rockstars! The thanks goes to you all for all of your incredible work. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!
    Mohammad Fakhruddin
    COO, Dolf Technologies Co. Ltd.
    It was a good and co-operative collaboration. We will look forward to more such projects together. I also want to thank the entire RG team, specially, Glib, Yulia, and Olha for their excellent co-operation.
    Alejandro Serralde
    Managing Director, Reddin Assessments
    We partnered with the Racoon Gang a long time ago and they were so helpful, knowledgeable and nice people. The reason why we keep partnering with them is because they understand how important it is for our business to have our LMS in shape every day. They are responsive and if there is a problem, their turn-around times are as good as our own support team. It doesn't matter the time-zones, it doesn't matter their workload, they are just super-people. Their Project Management is excellent. They understand the technical aspect but also human behavior.
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