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Open edX Theme Development

Custom Open edX theme is the best way to distinguish your brand and provide unique and memorable online learning experience

Raccoon Gang houses a team of skilled UI/UX and graphic designers, who work in tandem with developers to provide Open edX Basic and Comprehensive Theming.

Our Basic Open edX Theming is Actually Not That “Basic”

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Our Basic Theme's Visual Features

Our Basic Theme's Custom Features *

Not presented in Open edX out of the box

Our Custom Open edX Theming includes

  • Custom Branding
    Custom Branding

    With Custom Open edX theming you can make your LMS and Studio similar to your corporate color palettes or corporate site. We also consult you how to leverage the power of your company brand using theming design

  • Custom Functionality
    Custom Functionality

    Make your site responsive with adding custom features like student dashboards, custom certificate design, courses, progress bars, or recommended courses section

What You Can Expect from Custom Open edX Theming by Raccoon Gang

Home Page Features:

Recommended Courses section

Beautiful and attractive design

List of all Courses Features:

Sort courses by subjects

Course Overview Page Features:

Customized course information: course program, information about instructor and course materials

Course Main Page Features:

Custom design for course main page. It shows the schedule and other important information about course to learners

Course Content Page Features:

Course pages are content-centric and minimalistic to focus the learners' attention on the material

Course Progress Page Features:

Student course score Student progress bar for each course section

Student Dashboard Page Features:

Beautiful and eye-catching design of Student’s Dashboard

Student Profile Page Features:

Students can add information about their education, language, country, local time zone etc. using custom filters

Benefits of Custom Open edX Theming

  • Friendly Design
    Friendly Design

    With our custom theme you can create your own unique platform design to meet your learners needs in best way

  • Modern UX
    Modern UX

    We always make sure that our theme delivers pleasant and engaging learning experience by implementation of various UX improvements

  • Look&Feel Consistency
    Look&Feel Consistency

    Our custom Open edX theme overrides the standard HTML and CSS settings

Order Modern Open edX Design
Raccoon Gang delivers highly customizable and responsive Open edX theming. We have ample expertise with creating theming templates and adding custom styling that ensures responsiveness. Do you need theming services? Contact us, we are always glad to help!
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