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Maximize Your Course's Impact with Professional Instructional Design Services

Ensure you get the most out of your LMS investment by creating courses tailored to your specific requirements with our help

Unlock the Full Potential of Your E-Learning with Professional Instructional Design

Many companies assume that they don't need instructional design, or that their existing materials need to be better.
Instructional design can raise course ROI by 50-60%.

Instructional design contributes
30-40% to eLearning project success.
Lack of instructional design can cause a 35-45% drop in completion rates.

Instructional Design
Advantages for Businesses of
All Sizes


Raccoon Gang's Instructional Design Services

Assessment and
Learning Analytics
  • What We Do:
    We craft multimedia elements such as videos, animations, and interactive simulations, enhancing the learning process and aiding better information retention among your learners.
  • What You Get:
    Your training materials become dynamic and visually compelling, facilitating effective learning and understanding.
  • What We Do:
    We develop assessment tools and methods to gauge learner progress and evaluate instructional effectiveness.
  • What You Get:
    You'll have a training program that consistently evolves, delivering measurable outcomes and driving ongoing performance enhancements.
  • What We Do:
    We analyze learner data and feedback, continuously refining instructional design to optimize the learner experience.
  • What You Get:
    Your training becomes data-driven and more effective, resulting in enhanced learning outcomes and a more informed training strategy.
  • What We Do:
    We specialize in creating bite-sized, easily digestible learning modules that enable rapid and efficient knowledge acquisition among your learners.
  • What You Get:
    Your training becomes flexible and tailored, allowing learners to acquire essential information while adapting to their schedules.
  • What We Do:
    We integrate game elements, transforming learning into an interactive and captivating experience that heightens engagement and motivation within your training programs.
  • What You Get:
    Your training becomes more immersive and enjoyable, encouraging active participation and increasing the overall effectiveness of learning.
  • What We Do:
    We develop on-demand learning resources, empowering your employees to access training materials whenever and wherever needed.
  • What You Get:
    Your learners gain access to readily available training materials, leading to improved knowledge and competence on an ongoing basis.

Tailored Expert Teams for Your Project

Racoon Gang only involves the necessary specialists in the instructional design process, forming the team based on your requests.
Instructional Designer:
Develops the overall concept and strategy of the learning experience, and defines the formats that best fit your learning purposes.
Subject Matter Expert (SME):
Provides expertise in the content area being taught.
E-Learning Developer:
Creates engaging learning content based on the Instructional Designer's vision and guidance.
Assessment and Evaluation Specialist:
Designs assessment tools and methods to measure learner progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional design.
Content Manager:
Publishes, uploads and maintains the learning content on the LMS.
Project Manager:
Oversees the entire instructional design process, ensuring the project is delivered on time, within budget, and meets your expectations.

Additionally, our team may include graphic designers, writers, and editors to support the development of high-quality learning materials.

Case Studies Showcase

At Raccoon Gang we specialize in helping businesses achieve their learning and development goals through effective instructional design. Our team of experts has years of experience in creating custom instructional materials tailored to each client's unique requirements and objectives.

How Instructional Design by Raccoon Gang Can Boost Your Business

  • Improved Outcomes for Learners
  • Increased Revenue and Profitability
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Increased Employee Performance and Productivity
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Competitive Advantage with Industry Best Practices
  • Enhanced Knowledge and Skill Retention Rates
  • Better Alignment of Learning with Business Goals

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  • What is an Instructional Design Consultant's Job?
    An Instructional Design Consultant develops effective learning solutions, designs engaging content, and aligns training with goals to enhance performance.
  • How Can Instructional Design Consulting Services Help You?
    Instructional Design Consulting optimizes training with structured content creation, engaging activities, and continuous improvement, boosting knowledge retention and performance.
  • How Does an Instructional Design Team Create Your Training Program?
    An Instructional Design Team analyzes learning needs, defines objectives, designs interactive content, and aligns the training program with your requirements for impactful learning.
  • Does an Instructional Designer Complete a Training Needs Assessment?
    Yes, an Instructional Designer conducts a comprehensive assessment to identify skills gaps and design a targeted training program that meets your unique objectives.

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