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Open edX® Platform API Integration

Open edX platform API integration using API extensions helps develop and integrate custom modules and applications, which is quite often needed during online course development and management. Due to using ReSTful (Representational State Transfer) APIs, Javascript Object Notation (JSON), and OAuth2 authentication system, Open edX platform allows simple API integration with third party software and custom modules.


Using Open edX platform API ensures delivering secure centralized storage for all eLearning related materials, learners’ data and statistics, and provides smooth integration into the existing software ecosystem, which is essential for all businesses and organizations.


Options of Open edX Platform API integration we provide

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Raccoon Gang provides API integration along with development and configuration of various apps.We know how to use said APIs to ensure safe and stable operations of your Open edX instance. This allows integrating literally any third party software and modules with Open edX platform or smoothly integrating the new LMS to your infrastructure. We make your Open edX instance shine so you can reap the benefits!


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