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You have working Open edX instance, but you need some customizations.

We do know how to develop for Open edX, how to extend it and how to change it. Performance optimization of Open edX is also our area of expertise.

You want to integrate Open edX with your existing portal.

We know how to do SSO (single sign-on) integrations of any complexity, including adding custom API's.

You are thinking to start giving massive open online courses.

We can help you by kick-starting the Open edX for you, brand it and teach you how to use it.

You want to create a brand-new Learning Management System

Our experience in e-learning solutions will definitely make a difference and ensure the success of your product. At least, it's technical part

You have a courseware component and want to make it available via LTI to 3rd party LMSes.

We have great expertise in the LTI functionality and can  make all your components working as a single one.

You want to create a portal that consumes data from Open edX.

We will make sure that Open edX APIs of your instance work, add extra APIs if needed and code the portal as per your business need.

You need some course specific Xblock.

Creating new Xblocks is what we love most

You have any question in the field of e-learning and MOOCs.

We will do our best to answer it.



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 XBlock Development


Delivering the online course content to learners in better ways is the most important thing in educational ecosystem. Course creators should combine different components from different sources to provide qualitative and useful course content. XBlock is a powerful tool that allows enhancing and extending the Open edX platform to meet learners and teachers future needs and is a great way to create interesting and attractive courses. XBlock usage allows combining different formats like text, audio, video and other multimedia objects into one course and offers an APIs for other modules in the edX to communicate with the course content. Xblocks provide the convenient interface for delivering various training materials to the learners.

Raccoon Gang provides the full spectrum of custom Open edX development which includes XBlocks development, as well. We have a great experience in building and supervising in such courseware components including edX video player, edX video pre-rolls, chemical equation problem, conditional, poll, LTI, drag&drop, Shindig, etc.

Some of our works: 

Video pre-rolls

Enables course teams to add a short video (3-10 seconds) to the beginning of the course videos to promote the organization that created the course.

Shindig integration

Enables course teams to create, sync and edit Shindig Events


Background: Usage and modification of Conditional Module can be undertaken only with course import/export mechanism. Now Creation and modification of Conditional Mode are enabled within Studio functionality.

Location id

Background: Review of xblock location is enabled. Field "show_location" is added to course settings; this is a field visibility of xblock location depends on. This functionality is an important part of Conditional Mode editing.




Image Open edX core development


A wide variety of Open edX core development is available to our clients. Raccoon Gang experts can change or adjust main platform's functionalities in order to achieve needed result. Moreover, team will provide solutions to avoid problems with Open edX version updates, security and scalability. 

Some of our works: 

Passing Grade

A feature that allows adding a percentage value to each "Assignment Type" for setting the course's grading. This value affects the passing score of the whole course. Thus, if there is such value in the passage subsection, students will have to collect the required number of points in all kinds of individual practical work to be allowed to complete the course.


Feature that makes it possible to create a list of proctor providers and select one from the list for a particular course. This is a functionality of multi-proctoring which allows:

1) to add all available proctor providers to the system settings,

2) to choose a corresponding proctoring service by a course administrator (studio -> advanced settings).

PR: https://github.com/edx/edx-platform/pull/11790https://github.com/edx/edx-proctoring/pull/284

Offline Proctoring Assistant

Web application based on the edx multi-proctoring feature and edx-proctoring API. It comes helpful when the personal presence of a student is required for exam holding. It allows easily managing event sessions and students attempts.


Image Infrastructure


Raccoon Gang engineers provide DevOps services like Installation and Configuration Open edX platform and its components on cloud services: AWS, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure. All types of platform adjusting from Certificates to ORA configuration. 

We can consult you in choosing appropriate cloud services and billing plans in order to get maximum efficiency with minimum costs. 



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