SaaS LMS for Online Courses

Tanuki Overview

Tanuki is an innovative LMS subscription service built on the powerful Open edX® platform which empowers you to create, manage, and deliver online courses with ease.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of online educators,
Tanuki offers 2 types of subscription, so you can choose the best option for you.

Benefits of Tanuki: SaaS LMS for All Subscriptions


Tanuki takes care of hosting, server support, and cloud infrastructure payments.

Multilingual Support

Tanuki can provide any language (as is) among the 13 most popular ones available on Transifex , based on your request. *except Russian.

Platform Upgrades

Tanuki provides regular upgrades to the latest Open edX release.

RG Analytics

Access to the powerful analytics tool, RG Analytics, is included free of charge.

Tanuki “Starter” Subscription

Who Is Suitable For:
  • Individuals and organizations seeking an affordable option without the need for a fully branded LMS and individual domain name.
  • Perfect for those seeking budget-friendly options to kickstart their e-learning journey.
With the Starter subscription, you can host your courses on the Main LMS with a standard design and the platform's default URL.
Please review prices in our PROPOSAL!
Monthly Services
Hosting Price
Version Upgrades
Monthly active users
RG Analytics
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Note! Your learners will see courses from other organizations and individuals also hosted on Tanuki.

Tanuki "Exclusive" Subscription

Who Is Suitable For:
  • Professionals, businesses, and educational organizations seeking a more exclusive and tailored learning environment.
  • Those who prioritize branding options, dedicated support, and additional features like e-commerce and mobile apps.
By choosing the Exclusive subscription level, you gain access to complete microsite that embodies your distinctive brand. Tailor your platform to perfection by incorporating your logo, branded colors, captivating background image, meaningful motto text, and even preferred links in the footer.
Please review prices in our PROPOSAL!
Monthly Services
Hosting Price
Version Upgrades
Monthly active users
RG Analytics
Raccoon Gang specialists will assist you in setting up the initial branding of the platform. However, please note that customization options for the appearance of the courses are not available for self-configuration.
Not available
Monetize your courses with e-commerce integration, allowing you to sell your courses directly through the platform.
+ $25/month
Mobile Apps
Engage learners with mobile apps featuring offline mode, enabling them to access video even without an internet connection.
Our Support Services offer server monitoring, technical issue resolution, and 3 hours of monthly consultancy. You can seek guidance on using Studio, the LMS, and more by contacting our Support Team via email, with the option to extend the consultancy hours if needed.
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Tanuki with Screenshots and Video Tutorials

Main page (being logged out):
Learner Dashboard (being signed in):
“Explore courses” page:
“About course” page:
Course structure:
 Discussions / Creating a post:
 Learning content view:
Progress Dashboard
Registration form:
Studio/CMS part: Course structure creation view:
Studio/CMS part: Course content creation view №1:
Studio/CMS part: Course content creation view №2:
Studio/CMS part: Course content creation view №3:
Studio/CMS part: Editing info about the course:
"Open edX Onboarding" Playlist:

Access our RG Open edX Onboarding Course to learn the basics of Tanuki’s functionality.

"Open edX FAQ" Playlist:

Explore short videos covering specific features
in Open edX, both default and custom.

Compare Tanuki Plans:

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1. Hosting Service
2. Platform Upgrades
3. Monthly active users (up to 1,000)
4. RG Analytics
5. Platform Customizations
6. E-commerce
7. Mobile Apps
8. Support

Subscription Terms and Conditions:

  • 1
    As part of the subscription process, we will ask you to sign a license agreement to use our Tanuki platform.
  • 2
    The monthly payment is subject to a 6-month subscription condition. After the initial 6 months, you have the flexibility to choose between monthly or upfront payment options.
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  • What is a SaaS LMS?
    A SaaS LMS stands for Software-as-a-Service Learning Management System. It is a cloud-based platform that allows organizations to create, deliver, and manage online courses and training programs. With a SaaS LMS, users can access the system through a web browser without the need for complex installations or infrastructure management.
  • Is an LMS considered SaaS?
    Yes, an LMS can be considered as a SaaS solution. SaaS refers to the software delivery model where the application is hosted by the provider and made available to users over the internet. By utilizing a cloud-based infrastructure, an LMS can be accessed and used as a service without the need for on-premises installations or maintenance.
  • What is the best online LMS for training management?
    The best online LMS for training management depends on various factors such as the specific needs and requirements of your organization, budget, user-friendly interface, scalability, and feature set.
  • What is LMS in online courses?
    LMS stands for Learning Management System and is an essential component of online courses. An LMS provides a centralized platform for course creators to design, deliver, and manage online learning experiences. It allows instructors to upload and organize course materials, track learner progress, administer assessments, facilitate communication, and provide a structured learning environment for online learners.

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