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Online Learning is undoubtedly the way education will evolve in the 21st century. And it is naturally our passion.

Our leaders have extensive experience in content creation, teaching, and L&D processes design, almost always using educational technologies. After trying different platforms and approaches we’ve chosen the Open edX® platform as the main EduTech focus.

The Open edX platform is one of the leading eLearning platforms worldwide, and Raccoon Gang founders were amongst the platform developers back in 2013.

However, we do not concentrate on the Open edX platform solely and are able to design and develop any custom eLearning solution due to our team members having strong technical background and deep understanding of eLearning technology.

The majority of our teammates have the R&D background (PhDs in Physics/Mathematics/ Computer Science) and ample history of successful project management. This basis, along with decent experience in teaching, including eLearning, helps us highlight key elements of the project and come up with top-notch solutions.

Our Leaders

    Member of the Board

    Sergiy is in IT since 2002 and starting from 2004 - in various management positions. The focal point of his professional interests currently includes customer collaboration, technologically challenging projects and a team of bright professionals to work with. Sergiy's experience include being top manager that turned a team of 30 colleagues into one of the biggest Ukrainian IT companies with 1200 employees. As a center of excellence director he was in charge for creating educational programs, career paths, and all kinds of online and offline courses supporting hiring and personnel professional growth.


    Sergiy has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, graduated cum laude from Kharkiv National Aerospace University “KhAI". His specialties include problem-solving, negotiations, business analysis, leading software development projects during the whole lifecycle, code/architecture review, human management, processes development & improvement, personnel education and development.


    Member of the Board

    Alexey has worked as a developer since 2002 and starting from 2012 he has managed multiple development projects. Alexey has a significant expertise as a university lecturer of "Web development with Python" course. He participated as an expert and Tech Lead in the development of web projects for Microsoft, Wargaming, Odesk, Schwarzkopf, a variety of Startups and NGO's. Alexey has broad experience in developing web services including CMS, e-commerce, eLearning and EduTech.


    Member of the Board

    Peter’s background is in management and startup development. He has a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Karazin Kharkiv National University. His job as a PM required the development of complex mathematical models in finance, statistics and data analysis. Peter's experience in agile project management and team management has fueled Racoon Gang’s ability to grow in support of multiple world wide clients. His main responsibilities are resources allocation and project execution.

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