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Online Course Development by Raccoon Gang

Efficient online course development is centered at delivering engaging and interactive online learning. This means providing educational content based on a mix of interesting texts, videos, tests, state-of-the-art technology and pleasing design.


Learners should be engaged within 8 seconds and can concentrate on the task for 15 minutes max. To overcome this challenge the online course development should be based on best instructional design models and practices. This is exactly what we do at Raccoon Gang.

Online course development: we develop online courses that work

We begin our workflow by comprehending the customer’s strategy and vision of the desired course outcomes. Then we analyze the target audience and evaluate the resources needed for online course creation, in terms of instructional materials, time required and staff involved. After that we create a roadmap of future collaboration and timeframes for reaching milestones.


Delivering top-notch instructional design

Our Work

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Raccoon Gang understands the needs of corporate customers and educational organizations. We work to deliver outstanding instructional materials that ensure reaching the desired learning outcomes.


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