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Unlocking the Potential of Continuous Education

Success Story: Advancing Continuous Education with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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An esteemed and long-established public research institution with a global reputation for academic excellence. This institution is dedicated to offering a diverse array of online learning programs and courses. It sought an innovative solution to enhance its online education platform, accommodating various learning styles and catering to a vast and diverse student community.


Collaborating with a solutions provider, the institution aimed to elevate its educational offerings and align them with the rapidly evolving preferences and technological advancements in online education.

Choosing Open edX
for Continuous Education

  • Lifelong Learning Courses
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Personalized Learning Path
  • Flexibility and Convenience
  • Enhanced Engagement and Retention


At the beginning of the project, Raccoon Gang faced the following tasks:
  • Integration with Existing LMS:
    The task involved building a Continuous Education solution to integrate with the university's existing LMS.
  • Self-Paced Learning:
    Raccoon Gang was entrusted with empowering students by integrating self-paced learning opportunities within the Open edX-based platform.
  • Management of Large Class Sizes:
    Raccoon Gang was tasked with enabling instructors to manage and track individual student progress efficiently, even in courses with large class sizes of 50+ students.
  • Data Accessibility for Instructors:
    The team had to implement a solution that streamlined data search, empowering instructors to quickly locate specific sections, student information, homework, and grading details.
  • Course Progress and Grades:
    The task involved creating a single centralized platform that provided access to course completion statuses, student records, and grades.
  • Report Generation and Download:
    The task involved developing a user-friendly reporting system that allowed instructors to generate and download reports.


Significant 10-hour Time Difference between the Customer and Raccoon Gang's team during project implementation.
Key Points:
Meticulously planned communication strategy with real-time collaboration tools and overlapping work hours to ensure efficient coordination and seamless progress throughout the project.


To address the challenges presented by the educational institution, Raccoon Gang provided a comprehensive solution that significantly transformed the Continuous Education platform.
Course Structure:
Raccoon Gang introduced a separate tab in each section, integrating crucial student info, comprehensive progress details, and real-time status updates for effective monitoring.
Submission Tracking:
Raccoon Gang showcased submission statuses in a comprehensive
table, simplifying instructors' ability to efficiently track student
progress and assignment completion.
Course structure
Course Outline
Data Reporting:
Raccoon Gang implemented a user-friendly CSV download report, allowing instructors to access and export detailed course data.
Platform Redesign:
Raccoon Gang revamped the platform's visual appeal, providing a user interface that enhanced the learning experience.
Instructor analytics
Discussion option
Touchnet Payment System Integration:
The E-commerce component of the platform underwent an update, integrating the Touchnet payment system, ensuring a secure transaction process for course enrolment.
RG Analytics:
RG Analytics, tailored to meet the customer's data sample requirements, was incorporated into the solution, providing insights into course performance and user behavior.
Progress tracking
Version Upgrade:
Raccoon Gang migrated the platform from Open edX version Ironwood to Maple, ensuring the university benefited from the latest features, performance, and security updates.
24/7 Tech Support:
Raccoon Gang provided round-the-clock technical support, ensuring prompt assistance and issue resolution.

The Customer's
Choice of Open edX 

  • 1. Flexibility for Self-Paced Courses:
    Open edX offered the capability to provide self-paced career accelerator courses, allowing students to immediately purchase and start the course, providing the desired flexibility for learners.
  • 2. User-Friendly Video Player:
    Open edX's video player with transcripts on the side provided a better user experience for learners compared to other Learning Management Systems (LMSs).
  • 3. Instructor Statistics Tool:
    The instructor statistics tool within Open edX was highly praised for offering instructors a comprehensive snapshot of their students' progress, enabling efficient tracking and monitoring of assignments and communication.
  • 4. Analytics and Insights:
    Open edX provided additional analytics and reporting features that offered valuable insights into student performance and engagement, allowing instructors to identify areas for improvement and enhance the learning experience.
  • 5. Intuitive Course
    Open edX's course building interface, specifically in the Studio, was intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for course creators to design and assemble course components efficiently.

Benefits of Continuous Education
for the Universities

Increase in student enrollment
over 5 years
  • Enhanced Reputation
  • Increased Revenue
  • Lifelong Learners
  • Industry Partnerships
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Research Advancement
  • Global Reach
  • Professional Development

The University-Raccoon Gang

The successful outcome of this project stands as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between the Customer and the Raccoon Gang team. Despite the significant time difference, their unwavering dedication and seamless coordination throughout all stages of implementation were pivotal in achieving remarkable results.


Together, the University and Raccoon Gang have set the stage for a future of continuous education excellence, driven by cutting-edge solutions, innovative technologies, and a shared commitment to making education better, hand in hand.

Partner with Raccoon Gang, an expert in EdTech solutions, and unlock the full potential of continuous education for your institution. Take the next step towards revolutionizing your university’s online education — contact us today, and let’s improve education together!

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