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LMS that helps online learning businesses succeed

Whether you are an online learning business or freelancer, one of the key success factors is working with a reliable learning management system. This helps provide top-notch services to your customers while using your resources in the most efficient way.

Who will benefit

What are the benefits

How We Help

  • Fast and error-proof learning management system deployment and configuration
  • Custom feature development to deliver personalized training approaches
  • Mobile app deployment and configuration to empower the online course accessibility
  • Custom eCommerce module integration to deliver convenient means of payment worldwide
  • Learning Management System usage training to ensure the eLearning business’s benefits from the LMS in the fullest
  • Assistance with learning content creation and training development consulting
  • Ensuring data security due to deploying Single Sign-on and OAuth2 authentication
  • Providing smooth learning management system integration into elearning business’ software ecosystem using powerful API and multiple connectors
  • Precise analytics configuration to provide detailed per-learner statistics for monitoring learners’ engagement and the training efficiency
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