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Open edX® Technical Support by Raccoon Gang

Open edX platform allows easy management of the courseware, yet it does require technical background for setup and configuration. Raccoon Gang employees were the part of Open edX platform development and release. Our team is also actively participating in further Open edX platform evolvement. Due to this we can guarantee the best level of customer support you would expect.

Our Technical Support Offers


Our technical support packages are designed in order to remove all the technicalities of running the instance of the instructors and allow them to focus on content creation and working with students. Also, each package includes some consultancy time which you may use as you wish – you may ask questions, request instructional design support, ask for minor design adjustments, settings change,  etc., during the working hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00 (Estonia, Eastern European Time).

For more details, please read our Support User Guide. Also, you may watch our FAQ Youtube Playlist to find the answers on how to use Open edX.

Our Technical Support Pricing

  • Website issues and server processes monitoring

  • Critical issues/showstoppers resolving**

  • Communications through

  • Response time

  • Resolution time for critical issues and show-stoppers

  • Security patches***

  • Monthly reports

  • Total time for consultancy and refinements

  • Price per month
  • Price per 6 months:
  • Price per 12 months:
NOTE: All prices are shown without VAT

* Our DevOps Team is monitoring your server 24/7 and fixes it in case it is down. Any additional request (unrelated to this type of server service), which is processed out of the working hours Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00 (Estonia, Eastern European Time), costs extra $250.

If you wish to get the Support Consultancy Service 24/7, you may purchase one more Premium package.

** A Critical Issue/Showstopper is the issue with the platform which can prevent your Learners from passing your courses, for example:

  • E-mails are not sent from the platform;
  • The “500 error” is shown on the Dashboard page;
  • The Registration/Login pages are not accessible;
  • The “Server is down” error is shown.

*** Security Patches.

The platform consists of the Application part and the OS part. For example, the current platform’s Django version can be 2.2.24, while the latest one is 2.2.28. Our developers check the list of Django updates to see whether any critical security patches have been released between the 2.2.24 – 2.2.28 versions. Usually, to update Django takes up to 12hrs of effort. This is included in our Support Services.

Our Premium package includes the following additional works aimed at the platform’s technical improvement:

  • our experts update the security patches of the Django application as soon as a new version is available.
  • if the new updates are not available yet, our experts will run the smoke testing of the platform to ensure that everything is secure and stable.


“24h Response Time and 48h Resolution Time for Critical Issues”. What does it mean?

We always try to answer any request, either critical or non-critical, as soon as possible, but in case of a high load, we keep our right to use the SLA of the package (for example, on the “Light” package, we must reply not later than within 24hrs, and solve the issue not later than within 48hrs). If we have two requests from a client – one critical and one non-critical, we will put the highest priority status to the critical one.

24h response time calculation is started from our working day beginning, i.e., if you’ve sent a request on Saturday, the “response timer” starts at the nearest working day, e.g., on Monday at 10:00 AM.

48h resolution time calculation starts immediately as soon as the critical issue has happened because we monitor the server and know about the issue at once. Our monitoring tool alerts our DevOps Team into the inner channel.

When the support hours are over this month, we will have to postpone solving the issue and be ready to solve it on the 1st working day of the next month. In case of necessity, you may speed solving by paying a $250 one-time fee, which covers up to 3hrs of effort.

High-quality support by Raccoon Gang

We ensure your requests are fulfilled on time and provide Open edX platform support for companies, universities, organizations, and individuals. We have multiple means of communication, so we will always be in touch if needed.

Raccoon Gang has highly qualified DevOps with extensive experience in running and maintaining the Open edX (Python/Django) applications, Customer Account Managers, and Support Managers who stand ready to assist should you face any issue with the Open edX platform.

Support Packages Advantages

Look what we gift within each package and choose the most preferable for you.

  • 5
    consultancy hours
    per month
    • Free SSL certificate installation
    • Paid SSL certificate installation
    • Notifications about new features
    • 1h Basic Open edX Training Session
  • 10
    consultancy hours
    per month
    Light Advantages
    • Google Analytics Tracking Code Installation
    • Course structure audit (free pedagogical advice from our Instructional Design Professional regarding your course content and structure)
  • 20
    consultancy hours
    per month
    Strong Advantages
    • RG Analytics installation (12-months and longer support)
    • Google Analytics customized settings (6-months and longer support)
    • Free fix of Open edX known issues (latest release only)
    • RG Expert's consultancy (1h per month)
    • Platform's technical improvement
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