Discover the Future of Learning: Open edX® Conference 2024 is Here!

Dive into the future of education at the Open edX Conference 2024! Uncover AI innovations, instructional design secrets, and the latest in mobile learning, with insights from experts!

Conference Open edX 2024
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Discover the Future of Learning: Open edX® Conference 2024 is Here!

Date: July 2 · 9 am – July 5 · 5 pm SAST

Location: Stellenbosch (Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch, 7602 Stellenbosch, WC Private B South Africa).

We’re excited to share that Raccoon Gang is part of the Open edX Conference 2024. The event will showcase project-based cases for the Open edX platform, one of the leading open-source LMS globally. This year’s conference will also spotlight breakthrough technologies, including generative AI, which are set to redefine education.

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Attendees will discover the latest advancements in instructional design, course constellation, and effective methods for operating and extending the Open edX platform.

Raccoon Gang’s Contribution

We’re especially proud to announce that Volodymyr Chekyrta, our very own head of the Mobile Development Department at Raccoon Gang, will be taking the stage as one of the esteemed speakers at the Open edX Conference 2024. Volodymyr brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in mobile learning technologies and is eager to share insights that can help understand the future of accessible education.

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Why Should You Come?

Today, education needs to be provided for everyone, and technology can help us achieve that. At the Open edX Conference 2024, you will:

  • Learn how mobile learning is helping us reach more learners than ever before.
  • Find out about the challenges that still exist in making learning accessible on mobile devices, and what we can do to fix them.
  • Discover cool design tricks that make sure educational content works well on any device.
  • See how tools like VoiceOver and TalkBack are changing the game for people who are visually impaired.
  • Hear about real success stories where these tech solutions have made a big difference.
  • Understand why it’s important to think about all kinds of learners when we create educational content.

Be Part of Making Education Better

This conference isn’t just a bunch of talks—it’s a chance to be part of a bigger movement towards education that everyone can be part of. Whether you’re a school leader, a tech enthusiast, or someone who fights for better access to education, you’ll find something valuable here.

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Let’s work together to break down barriers in education.

About Raccoon Gang

Raccoon Gang is all about improving online education. We use the newest tech to make learning better and more accessible. We believe in a world where anyone can learn anything from anywhere.

About Open edX

Open edX is at the forefront of online education technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools, Open edX enables learning institutions around the globe to provide accessible, high-quality education.

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