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High-touch customer onboarding through online training

We know that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of retaining and increasing any business’s customer pool. Providing high-touch customer onboarding is the fastest and most convenient way to ensure your customers know all the details of your product or service, are aware of all benefits and are able to use them to reach their goals. Learning management system used as a part of customer onboarding process is a perfect tool for achieving this result.

Who will benefit

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How We Help

  • Rapid LMS deployment to jumpstart your customer onboarding process
  • Mobile apps configuration to provide ease and convenience of access to training materials
  • Push notifications integration to inform of important events related to your product or service
  • Variety of content types implementation to engage various audiences and personalize customer training
  • Wide branding and custom design
  • Custom feature development services
  • Content creation consulting and assistance
  • Providing robust per-learner analytics tools to ensure maximum training efficiency

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