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Success Story of NASA's Open Science 101 Curriculum

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Curriculum Duration

The Customer

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) explores the unknown in air and space, innovates for the benefit of humanity, and inspires the world through discovery.

NASA released its free Open Science 101 curriculum to empower researchers, early career scientists, and underrepresented communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to embrace open science practices.

Ames Research Center

Ames Research Center is a key NASA field center at the forefront of pioneering research and development since its establishment on December 20, 1939

Ames plays a central role in advancing aeronautics, exploration technology, and scientific innovation within NASA’s mission. Learn More About Ames

Moffett Field, California

Project Overview

Open Science 101 Curriculum from NASA.
Empower 20,000 scientists and researchers over the next five years.
Instructional design of a comprehensive curriculum centered on Open Science principles.
E-learning platform for Open, Inclusive Science Community.

Main Goals

  • 5 Modules Covering Various Aspects of Open Science.
  • Engaging Content Delivery for Enhanced Awareness.
  • Available On-demand via the E-learning Platform.
  • Designed by Instructional Design Experts for Optimal Learning Outcomes.


1. Tight Deadline:
To develop the curriculum's initial version within a 3-month timeframe, and following updates and finalization in ~ 1.5 months.
2. Sequential Lesson Opening:
To adopt a phased approach to lesson accessibility, unlocking modules and lessons sequentially.
3. Sequential Lesson Opening:
To implement varied lesson structures across modules.
4. Badge System:
To integrate an assessment mechanism enabling learners to receive badges upon successful completion.
5. Modular Options:
To offer a full version for beginners and fast-track modules for individuals with previous offline lecture experience.
6. Progression Principle:
To enforce a progression principle where completing the first module unlocks subsequent modules.

Stages of Project

Raccoon Gang's strategic approach ensured the successful development and delivery of the Open Science 101 Curriculum.
  • Provision of materials for each module by subject matter experts from the Customer.
  • Determination of treatment and presentation formats for curriculum materials.
  • Transfer of materials to Rise 360, publication, formatting, and preparation for delivery.
  • Module testing and proofreading in Rise 360.
  • Publication on a special e-learning portal.
  • Beta testing by the customer, gathering feedback, and improving based on feedback.


Utilization of Rise 360 in Articulate
Curriculum modules were designed and implemented using Rise 360 by Articulate.
Integration with Open edX LMS via SCORM
Modules were integrated into the LMS based on the Open edX platform using SCORM standards for better compatibility and interoperability.
Refinement of Module Structure
The structure of each module was refined and optimized to ensure clarity and coherence in delivering educational content.
Interactivity of Educational Materials
  • Tabs
  • Interactive images
  • Matching questions
  • Sorting activities (Drag and Drop)
  • Videos
  • Accordions
  • Quizzes (single choice, multiple choice, true/false)
Dedicated Team
  • Content managers
  • E-learning developers
  • Instructional designers
  • Subject Matter Experts from NASA.

Screenshots of Implemented Modules

Main Page:
Overview hub for the curriculum, providing clear navigation and objectives.
Matching Questions:
Interactive quizzes testing knowledge by matching items.
Organized sections for easy navigation.
Text and Image:
Content-rich modules with text and images for enhanced learning.
Interactive sections for expanding and collapsing content.
Drag and Drop:
Engaging activities for interactive learning experiences.
Fill in the Missing Word:
Interactive exercises prompting completion of phrases.


The successful implementation of the Open Science 101 Curriculum project resulted in an end-to-end solution.
Curriculum Development
Five-module curriculum centered on Open Science principles was developed, providing learners with structured learning pathways.
Platform Hosting
The modules are hosted on the Branded Open edX platform, providing learners with a seamless and branded learning experience.
Deep Learning Analytics Integration
The platform integrates RG Analytics, a solution from Raccoon Gang, enabling deep learning analytics to track learner progress.
Deep Learning Analytics Integration
Integration with Credly was implemented to facilitate badge issuance, allowing learners to earn and showcase their achievements and accomplishments
Post-launch Support (L1)
Post-launch support was provided to ensure the continued success of the curriculum and platform.
Positive Impact
Equipping individuals with essential knowledge in Open Science principles.
Fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration within research communities.
Contributing to advancing scientific research through accessible education.

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