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Customized Adaptive LMS
for the University of Southern Denmark

Digital Course Platform
for Immersive Exploration of National Language Features
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The Customer

The University of Southern Denmark has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional education since its establishment in September 1966. With an ever-expanding campus in Odense and regional campuses in Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg, and Sønderborg, the university has evolved into a prestigious institution with a global reach. With over 27,000 students, including a diverse international student body accounting for almost 20%, and a dedicated team of over 3,800 employees, the University of Southern Denmark has become a catalyst for groundbreaking research and a leading young university worldwide.

Shaping the Vision

Fulfilling the Customer's
Requirements for the Comma Course Platform:
  • Creating a dedicated platform that teaches learners the proper use of comma rules.
  • Designing a course that dynamically adjusts its content based on the learner’s individual needs and knowledge level, and provides a predictive learning path.
  • Incorporating a predictive algorithm that analyzes learner data and provides recommendations for the most effective learning path.
  • Integrating adaptive learning techniques that dynamically adjust course content and delivery based on the learner’s progress and performance.


Key Tasks Faced by the Raccoon Gang:
The LMS should be configured to accommodate both standard Open edX® courses and the unique Comma Course.
Interactive assignments should be implemented specifically for the Comma Course, enabling learners to practice and demonstrate their understanding by selecting appropriate placements for commas within sentences.
The course content should be adapted to accommodate the two major ways of using commas in Danish, allowing learners to choose the style that aligns with their preferences and learning goals.
A feature should be implemented that allows learners to skip units they have already mastered, enabling them to focus on areas requiring further practice.
A system should be developed that offers each learner a unique learning experience.


During the implementation of the project, several challenges were encountered:
To create an alternative to adaptive learning while considering the specific needs and ideas of the course from the customer, the challenge was to design a customized learning approach that aligns with the customer's requirements and vision. It required a careful understanding and implementation of their unique objectives.
To set up video integrations that enrich course content without requiring separate downloads, the challenge was to optimize the platform for seamless video playback and accessibility. It involved ensuring smooth video integration within the course platform, allowing learners to access and view videos.
To establish the transfer of course content from the cloud to on-premise hosting, the challenge was to migrate the course material and set up a robust and reliable infrastructure. It required ensuring uninterrupted access and hosting of the course content by seamlessly transferring it from cloud storage to an on-premise hosting solution.
To customize and fully localize the course platform, the challenge was to adapt the platform to reflect the customer's branding and align it with the language and cultural context of the target audience. It involved meticulous attention to detail and coordination to create a seamless and culturally appropriate learning experience.

Overcoming these challenges involved a collaborative effort, involving close communication and coordination between the development team, customer, and stakeholders to find practical solutions that met the project’s objectives and provided an exceptional learning experience for the users.


By leveraginga combination of technological solutions and thoughtfuldesign, the team at Raccoon Gang
successfully developed and integrated various features into the platform.

Open edX Platform Setup: The solution involved configuring and branding the Open edX platform to meet the project's requirements.

Self-paced Course Flow: The solution implemented a basic flow in Open edX that allowed learners to progress through the course at their own pace.

Learner Motivation: To encourage continued learning, the solution involved configuring RG Gamification to set up badges within the courses.

Adaptive Course Recommendation: The solution offered RG adaptive course configuration, which suggested personalized courses based on learners’ knowledge.

Video Content:The solution included providing LTI configuration to embed videos from Kaltura hosting into the Open edX platform.

Punctuation X-Block: Course creators added sentences, learners placed commas, and they could see the result of their placement.

Adaptive Learning Modules: Learners could skip content and quizzes if they successfully passed the exercises. Content and quizzes were automatically completed if the exercises were passed successfully.

Cohort Sorting: Upon entering the course, learners watched an introductory video and received questions to determine their desired learning path. Depending on their answers, they were assigned to specific learner groups as defined by the course creator.

Learner Groups: Different groups were set up to allow learners to access different content based on their assigned group.

Randomized Assignments: Learners were presented with random exercises, content, and quizzes from the dedicated content library, providing a varied learning experience.

Course Monetization: The solution included RG E-commerce configuration, allowing learners to purchase individual courses. This feature was added to the platform’s infrastructure and can be utilized as needed.

Training Sessions: Training sessions were conducted to provide guidance and support to the customer.

Support Package: A support package was provided to address any technical or course-related queries.


The implementation of the project yielded significant results,
demonstrating its success and impact:

Successful Customization

The project successfully customized the learning experience to meet the specific needs and objectives of the customer's course. By implementing an alternative to adaptive learning and considering the customer's ideas, the project achieved a tailored approachthat catered to the unique requirements of the course.

Enhanced Learning Experience

The integration of video content, e-commerce features for the future, RG Gamification, and adaptive learning modules significantly enriched the course platform and enhanced the learning experience for the users. These additions provided learners with a comprehensive and engaging environment, making the learning process more interactive, personalized, and enjoyable.

User Engagement and Enrollment

The course demonstrated strong user engagement and high enrollment rates, with over 10,000 users registering within two days. This signifies the effectiveness of the course content and the appeal it generated among the target audience, showcasing its relevance and meeting the demand for learning opportunities in the specific language field.

Localization and Cultural Adaptation

The project successfully customized and fully localized the course platform, aligning it with the target audience's language and cultural context. By accommodating the two major ways of using commas in Danish and allowing learners to choose their preferred style, the project ensured a personalized learning experience that catered to individual preferences and learning goals.

Contribution to Education Digitization

Through its focus on digitizing education and the development of a specialized language course, the project exemplified SDU's significant contribution to broader efforts in the country. SDU's alignment with the evolving educational landscape played a pivotal role in advancing modern educational practices and driving the overall digitization of education.

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