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Nation-Wide Online School
for Ukraine

for Grades 5-11 with a distance and blended Learning
school subjects
500 000
dev hours

The Customer

Nation-wide online school is a platform for distance and mixed learning of pupils in grades 5-11. The implementation of the project was initiated in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, The NGO Osvitoria, and The Ukrainian Institute of Education Development (UIED) with the support of many international education donors.
Developing an eLearning platform is part of the national strategy for digitizing education. The project aims to provide every participant in the educational process with guarantees. Pupils receive guarantees of availability of knowledge. Teachers receive guarantees of opportunities to implement the curriculum at the national level.
"To ensure that all participants in the educational process receive proper support, especially in the case of the implementation of distance learning, we have launched the "All-Ukrainian School Online". The relevance of creating a national educational platform is determined by the strategic necessity of ensuring the sustainability and quality of the learning process, as well as equal access to knowledge for all pupils in Ukraine, regardless of their place of residence and available resources."
Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine
Serhiy Shkarlet


The platform should have
a customizable teacher's
office and roles
for managing courses.
The platform's functionality should support various learning content, including quizzes, videos, synopsis of the course material and pdf.
The solution should allow for rapid scaling and have its own mobile app.
The end product should embody the characteristics of a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art educational platform with advanced features to enhance the user experience.


To create a solution allowing each teacher in the country to duplicate master courses, invite pupils and monitor their progress.
To develop an interface that is user-friendly for teachers to manage their courses and requires no additional training.
To provide high platform bandwidth (hundreds of thousands of users).
To implement a reliable, transparent nationwide LMS, with support for inclusivity and online and offline access to educational courses.


Open edX® Platform with Customization

Nation-wide online school was built entirely on the capabilities of Open edX with customizations.  The choice was based on the infrastructure analysis after determining the functional and non-functional requirements and approving the software and hardware architecture of the system design requirements.

Consulting Assistance

Nation-wide online school was built entirely on the capabilities of Open edX with customizations.  The choice was based on the infrastructure analysis after determining the functional and non-functional requirements and approving the software and hardware architecture of the system design requirements.

Roles and Permissions

The “Teacher’s Office” functionality was added to the LMS to streamline the course creation process for teachers.

The feature allows course authors to duplicate pre-existing “reference courses” and customize them easily.

All platform participants have been assigned specific permissions and roles.


Full functionality from all courses

Instructor of Master Courses

Methodologists VSO who can create reference courses in the STUDIO and have advanced course management functionality


Register in STUDIO for duplicate and edit  “master courses”

Get access to the  “Teacher’s Office” in LMS, where they can:

  • invite learners
  • track the success
  • review the journal of grades and reports of their course
  • send emails to students registered on their course
  • organize discussions

Register in LMS

View the catalogue of courses (separately master courses from VSO

Take courses

View own progress

The platform consists of:

to provide online learning
Modules in the LMS subsystem:
  • Registration page
  • Login page
  • Main page
  • Course catalogue
  • Course
  • Admin panel
  • Journal of assessments
  • Glossary
  • Bookmarks
  • Module for mailing to registered users
to provide content for online learning
Modules in the Studio system:
  • Registration page
  • Login page
  • Course categories (Class and subject)
  • Course creation and editing page
  • Media files
  • System setup module
  • Schedule and details
  • Pages (sections on the horizontal panel)
  • Textbooks
  • Certificate
to enable learner experience testing
The Preview subsystem

has the same appearance as the LMS subsystem. The subsystem tests the course and its content by teachers and instructors.

The Preview subsystem has no other functionality. The subsystem is accessed by an administrator, a master course instructor, and a teacher.

Mobile App
The mobile application provides access to all course materials. Pupils can use the mobile app for discussions and communication with classmates.


35,000 students were registered on the platform at the beginning of development, and now the number has reached 500,000. It is 18.5% of all school pupils in grades 5-11 in the country.”

The platform withstands high loads and successfully provides distance learning during quarantine measures and the online mode of all schools.
The platform offered free access to the national educational program for children and teachers in temporarily occupied territories or abroad.
The platform has enhanced education inclusivity in the country. With expert support from UNICEF in Ukraine, the platform has added key inclusive features, such as sign language translation and audio descriptions of tracks.
The consultants expertly guided the creation of the solution, leading to a smooth transition from scratch to deployment.
Nation-wide online school offers functionality that completely overlaps the existing offline requirements for the educational process following national education standards.
Raccoon Gang is equipped to assist with the consulting and implementation of distance education projects on both the national and international scale in partnership with both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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