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eLearning Templates – 4 Locations to Get Your First Ones

eLearning Templates – 4 Locations to Get Your First Ones

If you are an eLearning professional, you must know that creating a totally unique and audience-focused web-course requires a lot of efforts and a massive budget. Is there a way to develop a highly interactive, well-designed and engaging eLearning project with a budget lower than average? Fortunately, eLearning templates are the best way to speed up the course design and to significantly reduce the cost of your project. In this blog post we’ll cover how to form requirements for eLearning templates and where to find your first ones.

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eLearning Templates – 4 Locations to Get Your First Ones

Template libraries for elearning

An eLearning template is a little secret for all those eLearning developers who wish to develop an eLearning project in the easiest and the quickest manner.

Some of the many benefits that come with an eLearning template include:

  • Time-saving in terms of project designing

  • Significant reduction in development cost due to a variety of available templates.

  • Easy to manage due to preconfigured interactions, without having the need to design or program anything from the scratch

  • Highly engaging and interactive features for both the target audience and the instructor

  • A complete course overview just by using a single slide

  • Consistency in terms of the look and of your course with the use of predefined standardized fonts, colors, sizes, logos, and layouts

  • Flexibility in designing by means of customized authoring tools

  • Leveraging time to focus on content development than meeting the design requirements

  • Bug-free software that prevents malfunctioning and loss of data 

Moreover, these templates act as a blueprint for eLearning professionals, helping them in developing deliverables which are professional, effective and at the same time engaging.

So, before we discuss the top four platforms which offer thousands of ready-made eLearning templates (incorporated with above-listed benefits), you must know the important factors that make up an effective and ingenious eLearning template.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an eLearning Template

Here are some major factors for you to consider.

  • Brand recognition and customizability
    Your eLearning template must enable you to incorporate your brand’s color scheme, logo and other identity features. Not every ready-made template would completely match your presentation requirements, hence, there must be some room for some customization. Ideally, a good eLearning template allows the developer to adjust the layout of the template by incorporating additional borders, text boxes,  and graphic elements.

  • Navigability
    The template must contain intuitive user controls in order to make the content easily accessible and engaging for the learner.
    The template must have easily accessible hyperlinks and navigation from one slide to another. Moreover, your template must contain some tips, online instructions and other important reminders that contribute to a meaningful eLearning experience.

  • Social Media Integration
    An advanced and well-prepared eLearning template enables the developer to integrate a range of social media icons along with some other learning tools. For instance, a good template will allow you to have a social media feed (built-in messaging system) which will allow the learners to leave suggestions and comments.

  • Function vs. Form
    Perhaps you would choose the eLearning template that is most exquisitely designed but with that, you must also ensure that your learners can navigate through that template, effortlessly. eLearning template must reflect the golden rule of template design, i.e. function over form. Whereas template aesthetics are equally important, they might fail to engage the user.

Now that you know the important factors to consider while choosing the eLearning template for your eLearning course, here are the top four recommended places which offer an extensive range of eLearning templates to meet your designing preferences.

4 Places to Get an Effective eLearning Template

Based on the design preferences and exceptional functionality, the four most recommended platforms to avail a variety of eLearning templates are:

The  templates provided on these platforms are categorized in accordance with individual course requirements, and are highly functional and engaging to support an interactive eLearning project.

So, let’s discuss each one of these four locations in further detail.  

eLearning Brothers

ELearning Brothers is the world’s largest library of eLearning templates. The platform offers its users with more than 2,000,000 samples of eLearning templates, which help the developers to design an exceptionally unique eLearning course. The templates are available both as free or paid versions and are easily accessible through their official website.

Their library is well-reputed for providing only the feature-rich and highly functional eLearning templates.

Available Formats

Being one of the largest template libraries, eLearning brothers offers a range of easily accessible platforms such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora, Articulate Presenter and PowerPoint.

What’s inside?

Well, the huge design library offers almost all categories of templates along with a variety of interactive tools. The most famous features of these templates include character images, scenarios, games, navigation players, sound effects, stock images, interactions and a lot more other tools.


With eLearning brothers, the user can get an absolutely free access to more than 75 eLearning assets and templates. This library facilitates unlimited downloads and offers a lifetime membership to its clients as well. If we talk about the price range offered by eLearning brothers, then it can range from $349 to $1,399 for an annual subscription per designer.

Faster Course

Faster Course is one of the easiest platforms to create exceptionally creative eLearning templates. Their unique templates offer engaging and bright themes along with a range of easily comprehensible page layouts. Their templates are known for their different appearance and fantastic aesthetics. They are simple to use, easy to incorporate all types of contents and best to facilitate many course categories and design preferences.

Their templates cater to all ages as they offer hundreds of customized and ready-made eLearning page templates. Their eLearning templates are designed by professional designers which cater to all types of custom development courses. These templates are preprogrammed and you only need to copy/paste your images, texts and videos directly to design an eLearning course.

Available Formats

Faster Course library offers more than 1000 eLearning templates. These templates are divided into three categories, i.e. Captivate, Storyline, and Lectora. Moreover, if you want to try these provided templates then you can easily download the available samples from their official website.

What’s inside?

The library offers more than 270 eLearning character images. Moreover, they also offer free samples which allow HTML5 output, support SCORM or Tin Can publishing. One of the best features of this extensive library is that if you pay the subscription fee once,  you can easily enjoy free access to all the additions in templates and character library.


With Faster Course, you get an access to almost 1,364 eLearning templates in just $149 annually. This makes around $12.42 each month/per designer. While this was their recent offer in October, Faster Course is highly affordable and cost-effective solution which provides only high-quality products.

ELearning Chips

ELearning Chips is one of the coolest eLearning template libraries. Their templates are renowned for their originality and design aesthetics. Their templates are highly interactive such as storyline and Lectora templates, and are great to design some highly effective eLearning courses. This platform is an online inventory of templates that features a variety of vector graphics and e-course templates. ELearning Chips provides a range of available templates, so you can choose the one which is the most desirable and best reflects your brand ideology.

Also, you may customize the interface of your eLearning courses using a variety of features which include grids, timelines, dialogues, accordions and others.

Available Formats

Similar to other two discussed platforms, eLearning Chips collection leverages Storyline, Captivate and Lectora templates, which are not only time saving but also cost-effective to create an engaging eLearning course.

What’s inside?

Within the Chips framework, you can easily create propriety templates with a variety of interactions and media. This templates library includes content for Lectora Templates – 383 items, Captivate templates – 106 items, Storyline templates – 543 items. Moreover, the content is categorized as the course players, accordions, scenarios, dialogs, gamified interactions, flip cards, timelines, grids, markers and much more.


Their price range starts at $1 and goes much higher, depending on the chosen eLearning template. Similarly, eLearning Chips also offers some special offers which may include storyline template packs, cutout people packs, Lectora template packs, stock photo packs, and vector images packs.


This template platform is one of the leading places to find hundreds of images and other features for your eLearning project. eLearningArt offers dozens of characters in more than 75 poses. They offer already clipped out backgrounds along with other interactive and highly engaging templates.

Some of their famous clients include Google, Network Solutions, and Verizon. Their products are recognized worldwide and their range of eLearning templates is very comprehensive. Through their background images, picture images, templates, and other additional stock photos, this platform empowers eLearning developers to develop intuitive eLearning courses in a simpler and faster manner.

eLearningArt offers a wide selection to choose from and their eLearning assets are specifically developed to meet the demands of the eLearning industry.

Available Formats

The variety of available templates supports various tools which include Articulate Storyline, PowerPoint, Articulate Quizmaker, Articulate Presenter, Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate.

What’s inside?

Being one of the largest platforms for eLearning assets (more than 40,000 learning templates and images on the web), eLearning Art offers a huge variety to choose from. All of the ELearning Art templates are compatible with every program so you don’t need Flash or XML for that. Moreover, all of these templates are already included in the ELearning Art general subscription.


There are 4 subscription packs – $14.95/month – 1 user, $ 39.95/month – 3 users, $79.95/month – 10 users, and $199.95 – unlimited users. However, in case you are not satisfied with the membership, the company will refund the money during the 30 days of subscription. Also, all the paid options constitute automatic updates.


Since now you know the top four platforms to start your eLearning project with, make sure you do consider the main objectives which are traditionally associated with templates, i.e. unification, visual consistency and an engaging feel and look. While these features will remarkably tie your content together, it will also give online learners a great first impression of your eLearning project.


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