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Latest Open edX updates and new features for April, 2017

Latest Open edX® platform updates and new features for April, 2017

As always, we continue to track the updates and bug fixes for Open edX platform. However, as the platform is developed by a huge international community, there is always lots of different updates going on. Some of these updates are minor improvements, while some are crucial bug fixes each eLearning professional working with Open edX should be aware of. This post lists the updates released during the first two weeks of April, 2017.

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Latest Open edX® platform updates and new features for April, 2017

While the full list of Open edX updates and bug fixes is available along with the announcements on the official edX portal, we highlight the most interesting and impactful updates in the list below:

  1. [LMS -> Staff] [Story] Drag & drop problems can now be rescored following the process the CAPA problems use. Which means you can only rescore problems that have a correct answer defined in edX Studio, including CAPA problems and drag and drop problems. In April (07/04), a related bug was fixed: Drag and Drop problems did not properly reset a learner’s state for grading if a tile was moved back to the bank before the learner clicked Submit.
  2. [LMS -> Learner’s Dashboard] [Story] On the Programs page of learners’ dashboards, each program card clearly displays the number of courses completed, enrolled in, and remaining in the program.
  3. [Analytics] [Story] On the Insights Courses page, tooltips that provide a brief description of each column have been added to the Course List table.
  4. [Analytics] [Story] Summary metrics have been added to the Insights Courses page, showing enrollment totals across all courses.
  5. [LMS] [Bugfix] Content-specific discussion topics were displaying empty topic areas in the navigation pane. This issue has been resolved.
  6. [LMS -> Instructor’s Dashboard] For newly created courses that use Cohorts, inline discussion components are no longer divided by cohort by default. By default, in-line discussion components are unified so that all learners can participate in the discussion. You can still decide which in-line discussion components are divided, and specify this on the Cohorts tab in the Instructor dashboard.

These are the most interesting updates and bugfixes of the Open edX platform as of the first half of April, 2017. Stay in touch and we will keep you posted on all the new features and fixes of Open edX as soon as they are out!

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