Meet the new Open edX platform release - Eucalyptus!

Meet the new Open edX® platform release – Eucalyptus!

The summer nears its end, yet Open edX community has some other hot topic - the new Open edx platform release, Eucalyptus! This release is the fifth in line and accumulated a ton of new features that will help both MOOC providers and students around the world make the most out of the Open edX platform.

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Meet the new Open edX® platform release – Eucalyptus!

Open edX Eucalyptus release notes contain detailed information on new features and possibilities of the platform, and this Eucalyptus installation guide will help you experience the new release firsthand.

Open edX Eucalyptus platform releases new features

These are the most notable features of Eucalyptus release as per Raccoon Gang’s point of view:

  1. Badges for completing course events
  2. Bookmarks for learners to add to units in the LMS
  3. Self-paced courses that allow learners to complete courses at their own pace, in addition to instructor-paced courses
  4. Subsection prerequisites, which require learners to achieve a certain score before they progress to the next subsection

In addition, some new XBlocks were added, including long-awaited mobile-friendly Drag and Drop Problem.

Deprecated features

Bear in mind that some things were deprecated. We are investigating how this affects current courseware – stay in touch for updates.

The full list of functionality and features deprecated in Eucalyptus is available on the official site.

What to expect

While we are on bringing Eucalyptus to our University & Sandbox, Raccoon Gang still does urgent installations for customers based on Dogwood release as it’s still the most robust and bug-free. After we see Eucalyptus is production ready, we will also start providing it to customers.

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