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Meet the Open edX XBlock component location ID feature

Previously, locating each XBlock ID was a time consuming manual work that involved searching for each XBlock’s location ID separately. From now on, this information is available by default in XBlock settings. This simplifies Conditional Mode editing greatly.

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Meet the Open edX XBlock component location ID feature

We are proud to inform that our ongoing work on Open edX platform improvement has brought new results. One of Raccoon Gang team members has developed a new Open edX feature, which was recently merged to the main platform with a GitHub pull request. This functionality helps simplify course creation and management, as it shows XBlock location ID in the Studio.

New Open edX XBlock feature - component location ID

This may seem small at first, yet this functionality was long awaited and requested by the Open edX developers community. In addition, implementing this feature leads to implementing another valuable functionality, which is currently under development. Stay in  touch to be informed!

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