New Open edX Video XBlock from Appsembler and Raccoon Gang

New Open edX® Video XBlock from Appsembler and Raccoon Gang

We are glad to be a partner of Appsembler in developing a great new Video XBlock for Open edX, currently available as a public beta. If used as a replacement for built-in Open edX video player, this XBlock can help solve the video-related issues MOOC providers and corporate learning specialists currently face

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Sergiy has 18 years of experience in eLearning and management. Creating educational programs, career paths, online and offline courses he is making the educational world better as a co-founder of RG.

New Open edX® Video XBlock from Appsembler and Raccoon Gang

This detailed article from Appsembler highlights the currently existing approaches to working with Open edX video files, as well as listing pros and cons of each approach. It goes on with describing the conclusions gained from analysis of said approaches and the proposed solution a group of partners came up with. As the article states, we were among the main developers of the new Open edX video XBlock and we are pleased to apply our capabilities and expertise to this project.

The new XBlock’s main improvement as compared to built-in module is the ability to use videos hosted on various video hosting resources like Vimeo, Brightcove, Wistia, etc. Other features are listed below:

  • Brightcove, Wistia* and Vimeo* video content can be added simply by pasting the URL
  • Interactive transcript and multi-lingual captions including downloadable transcripts

  • Speed up / slow down controls

  • Downloadable handouts

  • 3PlayMedia integration to fetch subtitles that are stored at 3PlayMedia

  • Secure video content by providing Brightcove credentials (when authoring)

  • Ability to specify a particular Brightcove player ID on a per-block basis.

  • “Pluggable” backend meaning that additional video hosting providers can be added

* Some features are still under development.

We are looking forward to further improving Open edX platform and collaborating with Appsembler and other companies to develop even more exciting and useful features!

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