Open edX Conference 2016 summary

Open edX® Conference 2016 summary

Stanford was a great place to house Open edX Conference 2016. The venue was brilliant, real countryside America without skyscrapers, with people of all nationalities united by the common goal. We liked fast-paced talks outside of the auditories almost as much as the detailed and interesting analysis, bright concepts and insights presented on the conference. It was also very interesting and pleasing to realize that nearly 10% of all Open edX students are studying on the projects developed by Raccoon Gang! Astonishing!

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Dmitry is passioned about gamification and immersive learning techniques. He has been the content writer and editor at RG blog since 2018.

Open edX® Conference 2016 summary

Our founders Peter Koblyakov and Sergiy Movchan had 3 lightning talks at the conference:

  1. Open edX Proctoring – a description of proctoring solutions for Open edX
  2. Themes for Open edX – a presentation of Raccoon Gang themes store.
  3. Chat bot for Open edX – a presentation of chatbot for Open edX developed by Raccoon Gang.

The presentations are available here:

1. Proctoring – Open edX (Raccoon Gang)from Raccoon Gang

by Peter Koblyakov

2.Themes for Open edXfrom Raccoon Gang

by Sergiy Movchan

3. Chat bot for Open edXfrom Raccoon Gang
by Sergiy Movchan

These lightning talks caused some traction:

  1. MITX is interested in using On-Campus proctoring system
  2. EdX is interested in using Multi-proctoring for Open edX and
  3. Open edX and FUN are interested in using Examus
  4. There were more than 100 downloads from and this number grows daily

We would like to express sincere gratitude to edX CEO Anant Agarwal for devoting some of his time to discuss strategic partnership with us. We also made several new acquaintances and hope to turn them into friends and partners.We would also like to thank Stanford and for excellent event organization and networking. Open EdX Conference presented everyone with lots of opportunities to meet potential clients and plan for new horizons, and we were excited to be a part of it. If you were going to meet with us at Stanford and did not have the chance – feel free to contact us now, we are always open for new opportunities!

We’ll definitely take part in 2017 Open edX Conference in Madrid, Spain, as well as other events. See you there!

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