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Learning Management System for a network of English language schools

Custom LMS for blended learning based on Open edX® technology,
individually adapted for each age group of learners
students per year​
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The Customer

The Customer is a well-known English Language Training (ELT) service provider in Asia. The company offers a range of English language programs for students of all ages, including juniors, teens, and adults.

The Customer provides premium and supplementary programs to help students improve their language skills. The company is committed to providing high-quality training and has been recognized by an independent organization for its standards in international English teaching centers.


Raccoon Gang was tasked with developing a custom LMS solution for The Customer, which would meet their specific needs and requirements:
The LMS should integrate with various content providers, including partner organizations, to incorporate custom e-learning content such as lessons and exercises.
The integration should allow the materials from different providers and the client's in-house content to be combined into single learning paths.
The platform should be integrated with other Customer's systems (Scheduling System, Student Portal, etc.).
The solution should enable teachers to clone and customize separate course streams, classrooms or clusters with individual reporting and modification capabilities.
LMS should have a dashboard with analytics that will display attendance records, homework track, and individual learners' educational paths.
The solution should be adaptive for all device types.


The client's network consisted of 39 separate campuses
The client's network was spread over 39 autonomous campuses that needed to be managed by the head office. The LMS solution had to meet the needs of each campus while providing a centralized platform to manage the entire system.
An individual interface for each user segment
The challenge was to provide each age group of users with a customized user experience. This required developing a user interface that was specifically tailored for children, who made up the majority of the Customer's audience. Currently, an interface for adults is in progress.


"To Do Today" things

Developed individual calendars for learners aged up to 9 years old, who require more structured and visual aids to help them track their attendance across multiple courses.

Developed a daily schedule and free classroom information for teachers.

Daily schedule

A system has been created by our specialists for tracking and displaying learning history for learners to view their progress over time.

badge system has been implemented by RG team to recognize and reward learners for their achievements.

Activity tracking has been set up to monitor learner progress and provide feedback.

We have designed a learner profile that displays tasks for dates, badges, activity tracking, and learning history.

Attendance check and badge system
Feedback: text massage, voice record, video record
Learning Path Progress

Developed a learning path for each course to provide a clear outline of required activities and milestones for learners.

Integrated progress tracking for learners to view their progress through the learning path and receive feedback on completed activities.

Designed a progress bar to display learners’ overall progress in the learning path.

Implemented a feature for instructors to monitor learners progress in the learning path and provide feedback and support as needed.

Created an option for learners to request instructor feedback on specific activities within the learning path.

RG team successfully completed all tasks, delivering a customized LMS solution that met the client's unique needs and requirements.
Key achievements:

Designing a comprehensive dashboard that provided detailed analytics on student attendance records, homework progress, and educational paths, helping instructors to monitor student’s progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide timely feedback to students.

Developing the LMS that combined various educational content formats, streamlining the learning process for students and instructors alike.

Creating a feature that enabled teachers to copy master courses and assign them to themselves, simplifying the course duplication process, reducing errors and inconsistencies, and improving the overall quality of the courses.

Developing the LMS platform that integrated with other systems of the client’s company, reducing duplication of efforts and resources and achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

Providing ongoing support and adaptation to ensure the LMS solution continues to meet the client’s evolving needs and requirements.

The solution has enabled the client to streamline their educational processes, increase efficiency and productivity, and provide a seamless and integrated learning experience for their students.
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