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Custom Learning Experience Platform Enables Competency-Based Learning for an Association of International Academic Institutions

How Open edX® Technology was Used to Deliver a Deeply Customized and Scalable LXP
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The Customer

The Customer is a global organization that owns and operates a diverse network of higher education institutions. They have a global online presence and serve over 60,000 students in multiple countries.

The Customer is committed to creating a high-trust, high-performance culture for all their employees and has been recognized as one of the local’s top mid-size workplaces in 2022 through an objective and rigorous workplace culture assessment process.


The project had several key tasks that The Customer required to be fulfilled.
  • 1.The solution should be based on Open edX technology and tailored to the customer's unique learning model.
  • 2.The solution should implement a new performance management process and a focus on career development for platform users.
  • 3.The platform should be a centralized learning ecosystem that offers new career paths.
  • 4.The solution should be designed to be portable, non-linear, scalable, and engaging, with an overall feel more typical of games, entertainment, and music apps.


  • To develop the platform with social and community-driven mechanics as the primary drivers.
  • To implement a system that allows any platform user to create their own training courses and expert content, with an evaluation mechanism and rewards for authors.
  • To integrate the finished solution with The Customer's internal systems to ensure seamless operation and data flow.
  • To integrate the Customer's knowledge assessment system at the entrance and exit from the educational process with a new custom LMS.
  • To design a solution that can create unique learning path based on an initial assessment and learner goals such as career advancement or filling education voids.
  • To customize the platform to meet the specific needs and requirements of The Customer.


The finished learning experience platform includes a variety of functionalities that make it a comprehensive system:
Social Learning Features:
  • Users can receive and provide feedback on assignments and create groups based on their interests related to topics, subject areas, career paths, or employers. 
  • An environment for asking questions, sharing thoughts, and uploading content has been developed by integrating and customizing Misago, an open-source engine for online communities. This approach significantly reduced development time and costs.
Personalized Learning Path:
  • The system creates a personalized learning path for each user based on their interests, activities, and achievements. 
  • Learners can also check how a completed course relates to any qualification in the job directory. 
  • The system includes a list of tasks for a day, several days, or a weekend that the learner can schedule training for commuting or during a lunch break.
  • The system displays the courses a user has completed and needs to complete next to receive a reward, badge, or proficiency.
Course Development Functionality:
The platform includes a simple, intuitive course creation system that supports various content types: video, text, PDF, Google Docs, SCORM, LTI, iFrame, and more. 
An admin-driven permission system has also been added.
Gamification Features:
The system includes progress tracking, badges, statuses, and leaderboards.
Users can earn badges and certificates based on their achievements, completion of chapters, completion of paths, and more.
Great UX:
  • The catalog of courses is presented in a modern format. 
  • Users can choose, mix and create their own "playlist" of courses.
Analytics and Reporting:
  • The system tracks which sections or tasks the student has started and which are still in progress or completed. 
  • Built-in analysis of the user's actions in the course, such as opening a page, clicking a link, completing an assignment or test, posting on a forum, submitting an assignment, downloading a file, and what materials were used.
Integration Features:
Free and Paid Access Possibilities:
The system received support for open and closed registration. It includes a payment system allowing users to purchase individual courses with the subscription option.
Real-Time Dashboards:
The system has the capability to track learners' progress in real-time. This allows students to easily monitor their daily activity, weekly sessions, submitted grades and completed chapters.


The platform was customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of The Customer, resulting in a tailored solution that offers new career paths and a focus on performance management and career development for platform users.

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