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Custom Open edX platform design for NTNU

The Customer

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a center for technological education and research, the largest Norway’s university with an international focus.

NTNU provides activities through a variety of projects and programs and has a strong collaboration with the business community and the public sector such as SINTEF, The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre and others.

The Challenge

Branded Open edX theme

NTNU provides students with innovative EdTech learning opportunities based on Open edX Hawthorn. The University approached Raccoon Gang with the request to create a сustom re-designed theme with branded Open edX instance and new features for hosted courses.

The main goal was to enable an ability for the customer to make changes on the website just with the help of the admin panel without involvement of developers.

The main requested features

Raccoon Gang Approach To The Solution

We proposed the implementation of a unique and memorable online learning experience using unique designs and interactive elements. You can find out more about custom Open edX theme development on this page.

The Solution

Raccoon Gang’s team introduced customized solutions in accordance with all requirements. The features are fully integrated with each block and ensure the ability to make changes from the admin panel throughout the working cycle.

Block 1: Video

We implemented a video module allowing the course staff to add either a video or playlist on the home page. This is a one-fits-all solution described in our previous case study.

It allows to concentrate on features needed for online education:

Block 2: New courses

Here we also added the possibility to show (or not to show) a particular course on the main page. Checking the boxes for more than three courses with true makes it possible to show three of them on the main page randomly. A certain category can be assigned for each course.

Block 3: Course filter

We’ve built-in easy navigation for all courses and convenient user experience. By default, all courses are presented on the main page and have four filters.

By clicking on one of the filters, a user can select courses from filtered category. The same function was

added for a course instructor

in CMS.

Block 4: Banners

Our team delivered an option to change banners on the slider by the admin panel and implemented important SEO functions such as title, image, description. This functionality is used together with an opportunity of choosing the appropriate slides for the home page.

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