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🔔 Maximize course ROI by 50-60% 📈 with Raccoon Gang's Instructional Design. Transform your learning materials today 📚 Click here to learn more! 👉

Gamified learning platform

Custom LMS solution based on

Open edX technology and RG

Gamification tool

with customizations
Open edX

billed hours
months from start to launch
billed hours
months from start to launch
billed hours
months from start to launch
billed hours
months from start to launch

The Customer

The Customer is a nationwide organization, that has been developing one of the greatest educational, sports and civic large-scale projects since 2003.

Their mission is to help adolescents, parents, teachers and activists master the skills of the XXI century and become ambassadors of change in their own communities.

During the pandemic year of 2020, Customer decided to adapt their educational projects to the online format. He approached us to create a unique interactive eLearning platform.


After a couple of brainstorming sessions, we recommended to use Open edX technology as a basis for the learning management system that will cover all the project's needs and goals: making it driving, engaging and atrractive for users.

In addition to that, we've already had a set of pre-built off-the shelf solutions (reporting engine and gamification engine) to significantly reduce time-to-market.
The customization flexibility of the platform (Python + Django stack) also came in handy for the project.

It was necessary to develop a unique UX/UI, which would be in tune with the Customer's brand and contributed to the main goal of the platform - the engagement.
Maintain online learning effectiveness.
Gamification and interactivity should implement a methodology of «pleasant tension»: neither boring nor too difficult. Introduction of a deadline system and scheduled access to learning content.
Constant communication with learners using their favored medium: messengers, with Telegram in particular.
eLearning reporting toolset implementation for learning efficiency control, constant course improvement and real-time learner engagement was needed.


Timeline. Implementation time was very limited, so extensive experience of the team was decisive.

Unique design. We needed to develop custom UX/UI that would comply with the Customer's image (futurism and friendliness), platform mission (diverse informal education) and goals (engagement).

Scalability. The platform needed to be ready for high usage volumes and for a quickly growing user base.

Mobile devices friendly
Interactive content should be deeply optimized for viewing and interacting via mobile devices.


Raccoon Gang implemented the modern platform (the design was created by the agency with our guidance). Due to the experience with Open edX, we know what will work better and will be easier/harder to implement both on the back and front end.

Even in a short timeframe, we were able to experiment and choose the best approach.

Custom modern design focused on mobile devices.

We implemented effective and future-proof templates that are easy to maintain and improve.

The UX\UI solution proved itself attractive and intuitive for users of all categories: 1 person per 1000 people was enough for support.

AWS multi-instance Kubernetes scalable solution allowed the platform to be up and running even with 1,000 concurrent users.

RG trained the platform team (about 8 instructors) to work with Open edX, create and manage courses, issue certificates, etc.

RG continues to support the platform, but the need for it is minimal.

Four types of notifications have been implemented on “Telegram”, the most popular messenger among young Ukrainian people. Participants receive reminders about the learning modules opening and closing, notifications from the instructor, and regularly scheduled notifications.

Support increases satisfaction with the learning experience, maintains a pleasant tension and stimulates due to limitations.

Our off-the-shelf actionable reporting tool RG Analytics, has been also set up on the platform. It allows to measure the effectiveness of the learning experience and improve it in real-time:

  • The system detects where learners are stuck and not progressing through a course, and allows notification letters to be sent to encourage re-engagement.
  • The system identifies learners who have high, medium and low performance — for group feedback to the appropriate cluster.
  • The system prompts instructors with opportunities to improve the content and structure of the course (automatically detecting where students have the highest and lowest success rates, attendance, most failures, etc.)

Many more customizations have been implemented on the platform:

  • Questionnaires allow assigning users to different groups (youth, activists, parents, teachers) and show the adapted content accordingly (it is possible to restrict the access\visibility of each unit for a concrete groups).
  • Custom content integration:


actsslider (visualbox)

tipscompletion pop-up

Calendar and notifications.

  • Notifications on the main page inform learners about the deadlines of course tasks and events (configured via Google Calendar). custom messages. It is also possible to add notifications to the messengers and e-mail.

Customized icons.

  • 21 custom icons have been developed. The instructor can easily select an icon for each block of the lesson.


  • The main panel displays the learner’s progress in each course. Depending on the percentage, the picture and inscription changes. The sidebar also shows the progress of each lesson during training. The instructor can specify the time in minutes for each unit.

Custom Gamification Solution

We’ve set up our custom Gamification tool for the platform: from installation to the events/rules/badges settings. Badges, challenges, and leaderboards are available for learners, providing them with ongoing rewards, instant feedback and summoning.

Gamification mechanics for the project are targeted to a key goal: extensively increase competition rates. Our off-the-shelf products and solutions have significantly reduced the time to market.

ROI / Testimonial

We’ve delivered a scalable, customized eLearning solution that allowed the "Gamified learning platform" project to:

  • Target thousands of potential learners
  • Qualify learners in an automated way (set of Open edX out-of-the-box quizzes, surveys and prerequisites)
  • Keep learners motivated using reporting, gamification, and automated messenger notification capabilities
  • Filter out non-motivated learners using the functionality of managed learning content access and prerequisites
  • Successfully launch the project and issue 10 times more certificates than in the offline mode

The platform’s attractiveness, convenience, and accessibility allow scaling the impact further.

Gamification significantly affects the level of involvement and is one of the most visited sections of the course.

Customer highly evaluates the possibilities of Telegram notifications and PS Analytics capabilities to maintain learner engagement (9 out of 10).

Over 5 thousand new users in the first 3 months

80% platform visits with high engagement (according to Google Analytics reports)

Raccoon Gang is ready to implement an equally cool project for you. We have helped develop hundreds of unique e-learning projects. Do you want to put your educational idea into practice? Just contact us!

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