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OLGA: Open edX Learners Global Analytics

The Project

Global Analytics for Open edX

OLGA is Raccoon Gang's internal project that is aimed to give more precise data about Open edX adoption worldwide. At this moment there is no distinct figures regarding number of online learning platforms deployed on Open edX, number of courses that all those instances host, number of students that learn on those platforms etc.

OLGA can do this all.

The Solution

OLGA General Statistics

We've created a dashboard that displays all basic metrics regarding global activity and engagement: # of instances, courses, certificates, total enrolled students and current active users.

OLGA Geo Statistics

'Geography' tab shows the distribution of learners by country (map and spreadsheet view). We've created a 'time fader' that can be used to navigate through available months in retrospective and to 'play retrospective' to see the Open edX adoption by countries in dynamics.

How to enable global Open edX statistics with OLGA

To enable the worldwide precise statistics on OLGA, all the users and admins of Open edX instances need to add a small code snippet to their instances to send anonymized data to the server.


Then OLGA would be able to use all the data to let the community see transparent Open edX adoption global statistics.

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