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RG Analytics for the Open edX Platform

The Project

About RG Analytics

RG Analytics is an internal Raccoon Gang project which aim is to create easy-to-use, actionable insights for Open edX courses instructors.


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The Solution

Enrollment Metrics

Monitor total enrolled students
Monitor enrollments and unenrollments
Choose any course in one window
Use quick date range buttons

'Problems' Report

The report helps to detect which assessments cause problems for students. If assessment is too problematic for most of students, there is often lack of learning material or problem(s) formulation issues.


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'Clusters' Report

'Clusters' report clusterizes course students by their learning progress in real-time. Instructor can see at any moment what is the percentage of top performers and lagging students.
Instructor has the ability to act right away - he can send bulk emails to chosen clusters: cheer-ups, hints etc

'Progress Funnel' Report

'Progress Funnel' report helps to detect what stages of some particular course prevent students from moving forward. The 3-level report shows how many students stuck on particular section/subsection/unit


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'Suggestions' Report

When there is a lot of data, it gets harder to detect where course content might need improvements. Suggestions highlights possible problematic assessments and course stages. There is also ability to jump right to the corresponding report

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