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Raccoon Gang Results

Raccoon Gang – Results 2018

The New Year is around the corner so we would like to share with you results of 2018 for Raccoon Gang

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Member of the Board, Raccoon Gang

Sergiy has 18 years of experience in eLearning and management. Creating educational programs, career paths, online and offline courses he is making the educational world better as a co-founder of RG.

Raccoon Gang – Results 2018

What was achieved?

We have successfully completed such great projects:

  • HarvardX Adaptivity Bridge Project in partnership with Harvard.

  • RG Analytics for Open edX  – internal Raccoon Gang project which aims is to deliver easy-to-use, actionable insights for Open edX courses instructors. We’ve installed it on more than 30 platforms for our partners.

  • We’ve implemented 50+ eLearning platforms for MS LaaS Program participants.
    Among our LaaS program partners are Global Knowledge, FastLane, Torque IT, Learning Tree, СloudSociety (Microsoft), and QA.COM. 30k learners enrolled on the platforms and its number is growing.

We are happy to receive such warm words from our partners regarding our work in 2018

Francis Xavier Finigan, president American Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services, Ltd:

Our experience collaborating with the professionals at Raccoon Gang has been nothing but positive. The RG team does their best to provide us with realistic options for software development and integration with our learning management system. Their ability to accommodate tight scheduling associated with the stringent regulatory requirements with which we work is of paramount importance to Calypso. Along with being consummate professionals, they are truly wonderful people! It is without hesitation that we recommend Raccoon Gang to others that may be seeking a professional collaborative team to work with.

William Akehurst Learning Solutions Lead at African Leadership University:

Working with Raccoon Gang has allowed us to automate our deployments, increase the quality of our code, and accelerate our deployment cycle. The Raccoon Gang team are always on task, easy to reach, and deliver great work. We will continue to use their expertise as a dedicated external team for all our Open EdX tasks.

We implemented several instructional design & content creation projects

We added instructional design and content creation to the list of our services. This time it’s official 🙂 We used to help our customers with these, but we had no dedicated department and partners for this. Now we have. And we are proud to have European Council as one of the first customers for the content creation department.

Our Gang is growing

Raccoon population is rising! Our gang has grown by 40%!
To meet the growing Open edX hosting demand and to keep up the quality of our support services we have expanded our DevOps team. We’ve also expanded our team of Python Developers to provide advanced Open edX customizations, data connections, infrastructures development etc. The team headcount growth is also driven by growing need in data science related projects and Open edX mobile apps customizations. The company revenue increased by 60%

Our plans for 2019

Raccoon Gang Plans

  1. Release 2 custom modules for Open edX to improve its ability to meet ever-expanding range of online learning projects’ requirements.

  2. Launch over 70 new Open edX based projects

  3. Release massive update of RG Analytics

  4. Release a new Gamification Module for Open edX

  5. Expand our Open edX Custom Theming Services

  6. Create or repurpose at least 10 Open edX xblocks

  7. (As always) Continue improving Open edX platform

We are so excited about great projects that are waiting for us in 2019 and are very glad that more and more online learning providers join us on this journey.

We would also like to express a huge gratitude to all great people we were lucky to work with! We wish you a lot of success and joy in the coming year!

See you in 2019!

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