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Top 5 Customizable Test Making Tools for Teachers

Top 5 Customizable Test Making Tools for Teachers

Assessments are crucial to learning because they help evaluate the efficiency of teaching methods, and reveal the educational benefits that these methods provide. However, with the rapid digitization of the educational sector, instructors and teachers are relying more on eLearning, smart-teaching, and testing methods for students. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their teaching methods, and the availability of online tools has not only made testing easy but also more accurate. We’ve compiled a list of the most trending test-making tools for teachers and instructors, discussing the unique features of each

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Top 5 Customizable Test Making Tools for Teachers

Test-making tools allow educators to diversify their teaching methods, giving them an edge over the traditional learning models. Hence, online test-making tools are a boon for instructors, simplifying the testing process and the analysis of the teaching methods used. 

As for the students, they’ve made the transfer of knowledge more fun and enjoyable, providing varying types of tests and quizzes to keep everyone engaged in the online class sphere. Online testing tools generate tests that are more aligned to those used in corporations, making students familiar with them before they step into their practical lives.

Here are 5 interactive test-making tools for teachers to discuss:

1. QuizStar test-making tool

QuizStar is a free online testing tool designed for teachers and instructors. It allows them to formulate quizzes on a browser, invite students to join an online classroom and attempt the quizzes online and get the results in the browser itself. The website hosting the tool doesn’t have a mobile version, which means it cannot be accessed via smartphones. Students have to use PCs. 

QuizStar features an easy-to-use platform that requires teachers to register themselves on the website, formulate tests and create an online class (open or private). Tests can be assigned to online classes as in an LMS. The tool offers very limited types of questions, including multiple-choice, true/false and short-answer questions. 

If an instructor creates a private classroom, login credentials will have to be issued to each student who needs to take the test. While questions can’t be shuffled, teachers can adjust the timer and start/finish dates, the number of allowed attempts, and the points allocated to each question.

As opposed to most other premium online testing tools, QuizStar lacks many customizable options such as quiz design, multimedia options or branching. Teachers can give feedback for each question. What else do you expect from a free testing tool? You don’t need to pay a penny for the software, nor do you need to download the software to be able to use it. Teachers and students do everything on the browsers that are installed on their PCs. Teachers can program the report manager to send results on a daily or weekly basis. 

2. Hot Potatoes test-making tool 

Ideal for language teachers, Hot Potatoes is another free online test-making program. It comes with 6 applications, 5 of which allow teachers to create various forms of quizzes, and the last one enables you to integrate them all. The reason why this tool is ideal for language teachers is that the question types are appropriate for vocabulary quizzes and small practice exercises preferred by language instructors. 

Once you've created a quiz using Hot Potatoes, you can upload it on your LMS or publish it on the web. Although the tool is available in the Java version for Mac, unlike Question Writer HTML5, it isn’t SCORM compliant. Plus, JavaScript and HTML experts are the only ones who can access the tool’s advanced functionalities. 

Among the 8 question types Hot Potatoes offers, the most commonly known are fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, crossword, matching, and jumbled sentences. The tool allows you to set time limits, assign weights to different question types, offer hints at the expense of losing some points and set penalties for incorrect answers.

The application allows you to integrate multiple quizzes and makes it possible for students to jump from one activity to another. Hot Potatoes’ design and multimedia features allow test-makers to add graphics, audio, links, and videos to questions and responses. Tests may be published as web pages, uploaded on SCORM supported LMSes, or the server, which functions as a virtual environment. 

The testing tool is available for free to educational and non-profit institutions on the condition that the tests produced can be accessed by anyone for free over the web. If the user wishes to control the access, a license starts at $100 per user.

3. Question Writer HTML5 test-making tool

This online testing tool allows you to design customizable SCORM compliant quizzes: quizzes that can be shared with other SCORM compliant systems such as the web and various LMSes. It also helps teachers adjust quiz settings, get reports, and track students’ results.

The tool includes 20 pre-designed quiz templates and allows you to create one from scratch. However, the templates may appear outdated, and the tests aren’t easy to take on mobile devices. This is because the quiz design isn’t responsive, even though the tool supports the HTML5 mobile-ready format. 

Question Writer HTML5 comprises of 10 types of questions, including multiple-choice, essay, matching, explanation and so on. It offers various options to define the testing criteria, such as assigning points or penalties to each answered, unanswered or partially answered questions. You can create question pools, randomize questions, and set time limits. The tool also has an option to request for students' details before they can attempt the quiz.

Instructors can give rich feedback related to any question, answer, or generally for a quiz. While they have several customization options available to them, teachers can only use images and flash objects to enhance the questions. No audio or video elements are available for designing questions.

As mentioned earlier, tests can be uploaded on any SCORM-supported LMS or web. They can be printed or exported to text or QTI format. Reports are also exportable in Excel format, viewable online, and can be received via email, making it convenient for teachers. 

With a one-time payment of $495, you can create an unlimited number of quizzes, each of which can be used for an unlimited number of students, employees, or other quiz takers. Also, the tool offers a 30-day trial version to help you decide whether it suits your needs.

4. Articulate Quizmaker test-making tool 

Articulate Quizmaker is one of the most advanced e-testing tools available to teachers and trainers. It is designed for technically advanced eLearning developers who create non-standard, complex assessments. It is a highly customizable and flexible testing tool that can be used to create quizzes for all devices.

The tool is a component of the 9-tool bundle known as Articulate 360. Articulate Quizmaker features an interface similar to that of PowerPoint. You can make a quiz from scratch or choose from the 20 form-based and 6 free-form questions, including multiple-choice, complex drag-and-drop options, matching, etc.

The tool allows you to shuffle the questions and/or sort them into groups. There are so many options that it will probably take you a while before you can get a firm grip on all the available options. Among these include the options to configure complex scoring, allow users to skip answers, set the allowed number of attempts, and so on.

As far as design and multimedia are concerned, you have a wide range of options available, allowing you to add images, audio, video, and web objects to quiz designs. The tool comprises of a content library that offers appealing slide templates and characters to improve quizzes. Students can access and take tests online or offline through a mobile app available on smartphones as quizzes made using Articulate Quizmaker are published in HTML5 and Flash formats.

The quizzes can be published to the web, LMS, MS Word, CD, or an existing presentation. While you can publish a test on Articulate 360 and share it with others, reporting allows for quiz results to be tracked in an LMS only.

To use Articulate Quizmaker, users have to subscribe to Articulate 360 that charges a single user $999 per year. You cannot buy Articulate Quizmaker separately. However, you certainly have the option to try the tool by subscribing for a 30-day trial.

5. iSpring Quizmaker test-makig tool 

If you're looking to create tests of high complexity, iSpring Quizmaker is a great option. Using this intuitive and powerful tool, you can easily develop comprehensive assessments, including interactive quizzes, drag-and-drop exercises, quick surveys, essays, word banks, multiple-choice, hotspot, matching, Likert scale, etc. This tool is not only useful for teachers but is also popular among corporate trainers for use in training and employee assessments.

It includes drill & practice activities and detailed feedback so that students or employees can learn at their own pace. The quizzes can be designed to allow for multiple attempts, comments on every question, hints, and useful links for test-takers.

Apart from this, the tool can also be used to create learning simulations for different job types. For instance, a merchandiser can practice shelving goods using various techniques such as vertical brand blocking and correct any shelving mistakes.

iSpring Quizmaker comprises of ribbons and tabs that are similar to those of MS Office, making it easy to navigate. Test creation is made easy using the WYSIWYG editor, and you have 14 different templates of surveys and graded questions to choose from. Once selected, you'll have to fill the templates with your desired text and media. Featuring a responsive test design, iSpring Quizmaker helps you offer a great mobile learning experience.

iSpring Quizmaker is highly customizable in terms of defining the testing rules. You have options to set the number of attempts, the ability to skip a question, time constraints for each question, and random question choice. Similarly, the tool offers easy options to define scoring. You can assign marks or even penalties for every question and set a passing score. You may even group questions and mark them separately, allowing you to test students on multiple topics within a single test.

iSpring Quizmaker allows teachers to use images and audio in issuing detailed feedback to students. Depending on the answers of each student, you can use the branching option to direct them to a certain question or an explanation slide, creating personalized learning paths for each student. Quizzes can be enriched with images, videos, audio, and formulas and customized to alter backgrounds, fonts, layouts, and colors.

iSpring Quizmaker's mobile app (which is free, by the way), enables students to attempt the tests anywhere, online or offline. Plus, given that the HTML 5 format is used to create the tests, you may choose to publish the quizzes on a website, cloud sharing service, or LMS. Using the preview option, you can see how the test will appear on different devices before you publish it. The insightful reports generated by the tool makes an accurate appraisal of learners' performances.

Before making a decision, you can experience using the tool by subscribing for a 14-day fully-functional trial. After the trial, you can choose to proceed with the paid subscription that costs $370 per year. Students, teachers, government institutions, and non-profit organizations are offered special discounts.

6. ProProfs Test Maker Software

ProProfs Test Maker is an online quiz authoring tool that allows the creation and sharing of interactive quizzes. You can create a quiz from scratch or pick from 100,000+ customizable quizzes that come bundled free of cost with ProProfs online quiz software. You also get access to a library of 100,000+ ready-to-use questions and 10+ question types including fill in the blanks, multiple choice, hotspot and more with its quiz builder tool. As worlds most trusted free quiz authoring software, it is preferred by educators, trainers, educational institutions, and businesses.

Key Takeaways

There is no perfect test-making tool. The tool that’s right for you solely depends on your needs and situation, such as the level of complexity you want in quizzes, how much customization you want, whether you have an LMS, what question types suit your subject, your preferences in report-sharing and access, etc.

If you’re an advanced course developer, you’re probably looking for sophisticated test-making tools such as iSpring Quizmaker or Articulate Quizmaker. While iSpring helps you create quick, mobile-ready quizzes and generates detailed reports, Articulate is more suited to users who wish to create complicated tests. However, Articulate takes time for users to adapt to it. 

Although Question Writer HTML5 is a good choice for teachers, its design and templates appear outdated. While Hot Potatoes is best for language arts because of its simple drill-and-practice exercises, QuickStar is more suited for teachers who need to track students’ results but don’t have an LMS. 

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