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Open edX platform — a great LMS for online employee training

Raccoon Gang provides a great LMS (Learning Management System) for employee training based on popular Open edX platform. We deliver the eLearning platform and all the tools for creating online learning, providing mobile access and employee performance analysis, so that employers get the best business outcomes from using online employee training.

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  • Rapid learning management system deployment and setup due to streamlined workflow
  • Cloud tech implementation to remove all hardware hassle
  • Ecosystem integrity with easy LMS integration into current software ecosystem using API and multiple connectors
  • Open edX platform custom features development to comply with any workflow and company’s internal processes
  • Mobile apps configuration to make employee training accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Detailed analytics for per-learner measurement of employee training efficiency
  • Personal data security guarantee due to Single Sign-On technology and OAuth2 authentication deployment
  • Course creation ease thanks to SCORM compatibility and using Open edX Studio CMS for content import/development/adjustment
  • Implementation of tools for learner engagement and satisfaction by delivering gamification, leaderboards, badges for achievements and much more
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