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Microsoft Laas

Microsoft LaaS: Explained

Microsoft LaaS program is the evolution of Microsoft Learning Partner program. What is Microsoft LaaS, what are the benefits for the participants and how to join the program - everything you need to know is covered in this article

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Microsoft LaaS: Explained

Microsoft LaaS as the evolution of Microsoft Learning Partner Program

July 2016 in Toronto Microsoft announced its Learning as a Service (LaaS) program.

In an introductory video, Pankaj Dikshit (Sr. Manager @ Microsoft) said: “... What we learned is that learning is not about just giving some content, it’s really about integrating the entire experience and a lot of elements come together to make it work. So primarily it’s a platform and technology that goes behind it; it’s the world-class content and supported learner services”

Microsoft LaaS offers its Learning Partners ability to provide a complete learning experience in the high-demand market on large scale:

  • Blended Learning capabilities

  • World-class content

  • Full set of software and tools

  • Assistance in marketing

  • Exclusive rights on Credentials distribution

  • Training, Conferences, Community support

Microsoft LaaS opens new opportunities for current Microsoft Learning Partners and for other learning and training providers to extend their businesses and make them more successful.

Following infographic describes the concept of Microsoft LaaS:

How microsoft laas program works

Microsoft LaaS Program Participation Checklist

To become a member of Microsoft LaaS program person or organization needs:

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