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Microsoft Learning Partner: Explained

Microsoft Learning Partner: Explained

Everything you need to know about Microsoft Learning Partner program: what is it, what are the benefits and what you need to do to become one. All in one article

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Microsoft Learning Partner: Explained

Why Microsoft Online Courses are Actual

Microsoft is the top enterprise software vendor in the world.

Top 10 Enterprise Software Vendors

Hence there is a huge demand for specialists that are able to manage all that software. As for Oct 2017, there are about 110,000 open full-time vacancies for related specialists only in the US on Indeed platform. The average salary is about $47,000/year.

Such situation creates demand for Microsoft software related expertise. Maybe that’s why back in 2015 Microsoft partnered with and started to distribute their own online courses related to Microsoft software.

How Microsoft Learning Partners help in Microsoft Educational Program

A learning experience is better and its effectiveness is much higher when there is an environment where:

– subject matter experts can give advice;

– learners have access to the actual software and additional tools for practice.

Microsoft Learning Partners (MLPs) are subject matter experts supported by Microsoft with all essential tools and software to help learners master Microsoft courses and receive credentials.

Passing Microsoft courses with MLP student receives:

  • Course materials: online and/or offline

  • Consultations regarding actual learning material and supporting subjects

  • Access to training and practice using up-to-date tools and software provided by Microsoft

  • Help in preparation for certification

  • Ability to pass the exam

  • Certificate (after successful course completion)

How Microsoft Learning Partners Benefit from the Program

As described above, MLPs bring added value to their learners. And they have exclusive benefit from Microsoft – the ability to distribute official credentials and certificates.

That’s how it works:

  • MLP has the access to the ever-growing set of courses that is relevant and up to date

  • MLP has the access to tools and software to provide world-class learning experience;

  • MLP receives promotional materials and help from Microsoft to attract students;

  • MLP receives access to purchasing of so-called “vouchers” – units for which Certificates are redeemed. The Certificate price for MLP is discounted.

  • After successful completion of given Microsoft course, MLP sells certificate to the learner. Price includes a margin that MLP wants to receive for its effort in helping the student to master the material.

The abovementioned margin is the direct profit of MLP from participating in the program.

Next Step – Microsoft LaaS Program

The next step in Microsoft online courses expansion is Microsoft LaaS program

We covered this topic in another article, “Microsoft LaaS Explained”

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