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We live in the globalization era, where K12 education has to transform and adapt in order to meet the public demands. Online public schools is a great way to deliver strong academic foundation and personalized approach that will ensure the young learners’ success in further learning. Modern life sets high demands to K-12 learning, as teachers want to teach and learners want to learn using the latest technology. We offer a learning solution based on the world-class learning management system.

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  • Learning management system deployment, setup and ongoing maintenance
  • Custom eCommerce modules integration for tuition-based online public schools
  • Mobile apps configuration to ensure consistent access across various devices
  • Learning platform branding and customization for online public schools
  • Online learning content creation and consulting
  • Precise analytics setup to meet all needs of online public schools
  • Configuring security measures to keep personal details of learners and staff of online public schools protected
  • Configuring online learning platform to fit any learning type (blended or fully online learning) and deploying convenient exam proctoring tools for each education model
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