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Interactive Training Video Advantages

5 Advantages of Using Interactive Video for Corporate Training

Interactive training videos can put you in full control of your corporate training endeavors. These videos are now an important form of infotainment and can provide a stimulating experience for your staff that will motivate them to excel when it comes to training.

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5 Advantages of Using Interactive Video for Corporate Training

One of the key benefits of videos is that they are appealing to most people. This makes videos a great medium for training. However, one drawback is that watching videos may be a relatively passive activity. Greater interactivity may lead to active and better learning by engaging trainees. More interaction can elicit an enthusiastic response from viewers, increase trainee participation, and provide an engrossing environment for better learning. 

The advent of smartphones and highly interactive social media has created a challenge for corporate training. Viewers want greater participation and are not just content with sitting back and watching the show passively. They want to do more. Viewers now want to be in charge of their experience so that they can watch interactive videos anywhere on any kind of device that they prefer. They even want to be able to select the content that they need and provide their own opinions on it. This is where interactive videos come in. 

Interactive videos may be defined as those that empower users to carry out certain actions with training videos such as opening a webpage or choosing options from a popup menu. Video creators may also have greater control over the content, thanks to the interactive nature of these videos. For instance, they may have the option of starting new videos automatically or taking the video to a predefined frame. 

In short, interactive videos can help viewers to decide what they would like to do next. Interactive training videos often have characters that may respond to viewer commands. Such videos can make the experience less linear since viewers often have the choice of deciding where they want to go next. With such videos, trainees may also be able to watch events unfold according to the perspective of the chosen character. The higher degree of interactivity can make the experience deeply immersive and spark more interest on part of viewers. 

Here are the several advantages of interactive videos.

1. Compatibility

Interactive videos have high compatibility across a wide range of devices. This is a major benefit since the kind of device that viewers can use significantly impacts them. Compatibility ensures that viewers will be able to enjoy the interactive video on their favorite smart devices for a better user experience. 

Interactive training videos also provide the same benefits and functionality no matter what device you may be using. Thus, if you are using a laptop or viewing on your smartphone, you will be able to enjoy consistent and uniform functionality. With interactive training videos, you do not have to worry about the lack of features or functions on smart devices. Due to this advantage, you could browse through the training video on the go and make the most of your valuable time. Thus, interactive videos empower you to leverage your time even if you are traveling on the bus or in the subway. 

Since there is just one version, you do not have to fret over finding any specific version that will work on your device. This simplifies matters for a user-friendly experience. Besides trainees and viewers, this feature will prove to be a great boon to video content makers since they do not have to create different versions of the same video for various systems. 

Good compatibility means that you can easily watch the interactive training video on your phone in the fullscreen mode. Trainees will appreciate the convenience, freedom, and control that interactive training videos provide.

One practical benefit is that trainees who spend a lot of time each day on their daily commute can benefit. Whether on the train or on a bus, they can take out their smartphone for elearning to make the most of their limited time. Time is the most precious resource of all since unlike other resources there is no way it can return. Smartphone compatibility means that all those hours spent commuting need not go to waste. Trainees can easily watch interactive training videos on the go. 

Interactive Video for Corporate Training

2. Personalization

Greater personalization is now the key to a stellar user experience no matter what your niche. Deeper personalization can ensure that the experience conforms to the lifestyle, preferences, and choices of the end-user all of which are highly imperative for the ideal experience. Viewers are bound to relish the level of control that interactive training videos can impart. The entire experience can be customized according to the unique set of decisions of individual users. 

One key advantage of this approach is that trainees can proceed at their own pace and move in a direction that helps them to understand better. Greater flexibility can help to facilitate learning so that trainees can achieve more in less time. Viewers can structure the flow according to their knowledge level and experience. They can proceed so that knowledge gaps, if any, are covered early on. Since knowledge gaps can vary from person to person, it is best to empower trainees to personalize the learning process so that any deficiencies in knowledge or skill level are remedied quickly. This will help them to move forward with their training fast since gaps in knowledge are the primary reason for hindrances in learning. 

Trainees also have the freedom to choose content according to their professional roles. They can view content that is most relevant to them and that will benefit them the most. They can go along with the core content or branch off to side topics if they are of use to them.

3. Engagement Factor

While videos are an awesome medium for learning, passive viewing still leaves a lot to be desired. Watching without any other kind of engagement may lead to boredom and apathy. 

Passive watching also makes it harder to control the pace of learning. While novices may want to move more steadily, advanced learners may quickly get bored or frustrated with the slow pace. Interactive training videos allow you to vary the pace of training by supplying content in bite-sized amounts. Interactive video can evoke much better engagement and participation from viewers as compared to passive videos.

You can take the engagement factor to a higher level with a story-driven approach. Content creators can also add another dimension for engagement by allowing viewers to take different tracks so that they can explore at their leisure. Hence, trainees can branch off on different paths to customize their learning experience. This will drive further engagement. Non-linear storyline flow has already revolutionized the gaming industry since this approach provides a tantalizing range of possibilities. Trainers can use a similar concept for their interactive videos to encourage learning.

The higher engagement factor can help learners retain more information and move faster. One relative advantage of interactive training videos over traditional methods is that you can include tests and quizzes at key points so that learners will remain vigilant of how well they understand the content that they have just covered. You may even set a certain minimum score that learners must attain to go forward. Having plenty of quizzes and tests along the way can help learners consolidate their understanding of the subject matter. Learners will also be able to benefit from understanding where they stand. Quite often, we end up thinking that we understood the content we just covered. But a few thought-provoking and conceptual questions from tests can help us uncover any deficiencies in understanding which may not be obvious at first. Thus, interactive training videos can help learners to excel and surpass expectations. 

Advantages of Using Interactive Video for Corporate Training

4. Microlearning

Microlearning is critical since it provides new nuggets of information in smaller easily-digestible sizes. This approach to learning will benefit a wide spectrum of users especially in this era of shortened attention spans. There is little fun in enduring a seemingly endless salvo of information that just keeps coming with no respite. While some high flyers may prefer this approach, such a method is not helpful for most. 

Microlearning enables you to master the course in small increments. Since there is less effort involved in mastering smaller increments rather than huge chunks of information, learning becomes easier and more relaxed. Learning is a less stressful experience when the steps involved are smaller. Content creators should take care not to exceed the attention span of learners. Interactive learning videos can help content creators to do just that by controlling the flow of information. 

Microlearning is flexible and it can accommodate fast learners and high flyers alike. They can quickly flip through the information at a rate that suits their style of learning. 

5. Gamification

You can gamify the elearning experience by including a leaderboard. This will make the learning environment more competitive and induce trainees to work harder and smarter. Trainees will have their profiles and they can progress through courses and milestones to unlock rewards, badges, and subsequent bragging rights. The thought of having an assortment of badges next to their name will compel many to strive for more. Ambitious trainees wishing to earn greater recognition from the higher echelons can go for the gold to brighten their promotion prospects. 

One key benefit of gamification is that it can help improve progress. Since it places different metrics at your disposal, managing your performance can become easier. The reason for this is that quantifying is necessary for anything that you wish to manage. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Thus goes the well-known saying of the esteemed management expert Peter Drucker. Gamification can help you to better understand the rate of your learning progress. And whatever strategy you are using to expedite learning, gamification can help you to better understand how well it is going for you. 

Gamifying the learning experience can be much more appealing than going through numerous PowerPoint slides. Flipping through PDFs or slides does not sound like much fun to most. However, gamifying learning can make it much more interesting and motivating. The element of competition will compel most to work harder and excel. 

Corporate Training

Other Benefits

In addition, there may be several other benefits that you could possibly attain through interactive training videos. 

For instance, it may be possible to reduce the number of trainers needed by providing instant access to such videos. This could help companies and organizations to reduce expenses via cost-effective video training. Such videos could also help to reduce the burden on trainers by ‘automating’ training. 

Interactive training videos can potentially improve the productivity of workers and reduce disruptions. Workers can watch these videos at their own convenience instead of being forced to leave work for attending training classes. Interactive training videos may also prove to be far more appealing than the classroom environment for a lot of people. These videos allow for flexibility in timing so that there are minimal disruptions to work and productivity. Personnel will also appreciate that they can watch these videos later on during their commute or while at home. Training through interactive videos will also assure learners that they have not missed anything on the way. If there is something that they did not pick up, they can simply go back and watch it again. This is not possible with classroom style training. 


There are several other benefits to interactive training videos which is why these training tools are becoming ubiquitous in the corporate field. Corporate training videos enable companies and organizations to automate training, save costs, and provide a great learning experience for their trainees. Thanks to their numerous benefits, interactive training videos are set to grow in popularity. 

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