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Mobile-first eLearning: Apple makes the next step

On the 27th of March, 2017, Apple released lots of updates for its software, one of the most notable of them being iOS 10.3. Along with many awesome features, this version of iOS brings a particularly interesting update for everyone involved into classroom or blended learning— Classroom 2.0 app.

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Mobile-first eLearning: Apple makes the next step

Classroom 2.0 further improves the possibilities presented by Apple’s participation in President Obama’s ConnectED initiative. It allows the teachers creating the classes and inviting the students to them manually, without the need for MDM investments. The app allows launching apps and opening websites or iBooks on student’s devices, both for 1 student and for a group of students simultaneously. It also allows the teacher viewing the screen of any student’s iPad, projecting the screen to AppleTV, muting or even locking the device (with the student’s permission). All in all, it offers a huge improvement in the user’s experience for both teachers and students in blended  learning classrooms.

The trend of transitioning to mobile-first eLearning is strong and prominent market players like Apple are steadily following it. With 100% of Millennials in the US owning mobile devices (and 51% owning a tablet), technology giants step in and address the requirements these learners have. With Google moving towards fully web-based apps and Chrome OS on their Chromebooks, the eLearning market  will become largely mobile-oriented in the foreseeable future.

Here at Raccoon Gang, we firmly believe the future eLearning and classroom education to be delivered through mobile devices and it’s great to see that Apple and Google share the same vision.

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