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Best Mobile Learning Apps for Business in 2020

Types of Mobile Learning Apps to Implement into Your Enterprise eLearning

Are you interested in the best mobile learning apps for business in 2023? These apps for business have revolutionized training and education in enterprises. Hence, it pays to know about the very best.

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Types of Mobile Learning Apps to Implement into Your Enterprise eLearning

Here are the leading mobile learning apps for business in 2023.

1. Open Edx platform

Open-source projects like Open edX platform has an enormous impact on eLearning market, it introduces a paradigm shift in the field of education. This open-source learning platform was introduced in 2012 as a result of collaboration between MIT and Harvard.

This open-source learning platform is user-friendly for both students and instructors. What was once an ambitious idea has now turned into the new archetype for education. Millions of students are enrolled and several top universities around the globe are offering courses using this platform.

Open edX is one of the most exciting and promising concepts to be seen in education over the last decade.

2. Docebo

Docebo shines with its excellent third-party integration capability besides gamification, attractive user interface, and a feature-rich system that is easy to use.

Docebo training software is highly customizable. The administrator can easily customize the landing page that greets users upon login. Administrators can include images, GIF files, and videos to emphasize key learning points. Admins have a wide array of widgets to choose from. You can place core courses easily in the front or top for high visibility. Learners can also find courses that they need by using the search bar.

Admins can also place restrictions if necessary, for different courses so that only those authorized may attend.

The gamification feature is a major plus point. Admins may decide what badges users can gain upon course completion. Top achiever names appear high on the leaderboard. The leaderboard is visible on the home page. If needed, admins can design the home page console from scratch and add widgets of their choice.

Admins have a high degree of flexibility. For instance, they can restrict badges to certain courses or even certain employee classes. Aspiring learners can enjoy a great user experience as they continue training on this platform.

mobile learning apps

3. Axonify

Axonify is a well-known learning management system that is specially designed for blue-collar employees who require compliance and safety training through a user-friendly mobile learning app. Axonify is ideally suited for personnel who do not have a desktop computer to work on. Such workers can easily operate the app on their smart devices to learn on the go.

Hence, companies can look towards Axonify for training field workers who do not sit at desks. One of the goals of Axonify is to accelerate safety training through a user-friendly system that is quick to deploy. You can set up the system rapidly to begin training your workers soon in safety standards. The onboarding process and call handling streamlining are further benefits of Axonify.

Through Axonify, personnel can build upon their existing knowledge, study from optional courses, and learn new skills that will facilitate them to move up the career ladder. Axonify also places metrics at your disposal so that you can quantify learning progress and estimate the return on your investment.

You can easily integrate the system with the organizational intranet. Through seamless integration, employees will have a comprehensive resource at their fingertips to learn anything they need. The system allows test-taking and you can also use it to remain updated on company news, especially those of training.

4. Bridge LMS

Bridge LMS can live up to its name as a bridge that connects company educational resources to employees via a user-friendly console. There is even a live training option that will further add value to training by including real-time interaction between instructors and learners.

Bridge LMS provides you all the tools you need to gauge learning progress and employee development through training. Learning on the job is a cinch with the Bridge LMS which provides a simple interface that administrators and users can start using immediately.

Administrators have a wealth of settings and options that they can use to customize the learning experience of users. They can easily chart employees through data that the system collects such as employee login time, time spent learning, and more. The good news is that the system facilitates remote learning which is now more important than ever before.

Learners have a visually appealing dashboard that gives them access to an assortment of courses. Users can automatically earn certificates (after they are created by admins) after completing courses. There are even checkpoints in the course so that users can quickly check their progress on the course to date.

5. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is a versatile learning platform that organizations of all types and sizes can leverage for employee development and training. The learning system provides a wealth of tools, functions, and features that will assist both managers and workers. The highly intuitive dashboard is very simple to navigate.

LearnUpon can also integrate your company with training organizations so that they can offer live courses to your personnel. Hence, this versatile and flexible platform is extremely useful for outsourced training besides in-house training.

The pricing system is very fair. Your entire company can create accounts, but only those who participate in courses are charged. That is, you only have to pay for active users, a feature not available on most eLearning platforms available in the market.

LearnUpon contains an e-course marketplace where you can choose from a myriad of courses of all kinds. Unlike other software, LearnUpon does not simply restrict you to its affiliates for buying courses online. Thus, you can use this system to sell your company courses online even if your organization does not specialize in training.

You also have options for creating different portals if, in addition to performing in-house training, you also wish to train external organizations.

6. Firmwater LMS

Firmwater LMS is designed for an extraordinary user experience. The console is self-explanatory besides being highly attractive. This is vital for employee engagement and ease of use.

Since the primary focus is on simplicity, it does not have a wide range of functions and features that could take time to master. As the system is so straightforward, admins and users can get started forthwith. The system provides a platform for buying and selling online courses. You can integrate the system seamlessly with Shopify so that you can start selling courses without exiting the system.

Firmwater provides you with predesigned reports so that you can print out learning progress for individual users, groups of users, and the company as a whole.

You have a 2 week trial period during which you can create an unlimited number of user accounts. You can scale the system according to your organization size to confirm whether it works well before buying it.

Whether it is loading content or designing highly customized portals, new admins will have a few troubles getting started. The mobile learning app simplifies everything be it reading reports, searching for courses or users, creating classes, or any other activity.

Firmwater is the natural choice for those desiring basic functionality at the expense of in-depth features.

Mobile Learning Apps for Business

7. Mindflash

Mindflash has done well to provide advanced time-saving features besides the full list of basic functions that will facilitate fast course creation.

There is a wealth of features that will simplify proceedings for admins, learners, and instructors. For instance, voice and video functions are available to enable interaction and collaboration during the course between learners and instructors.

The simplicity of creating courses will be most appealing to those who do not specialize in training but have to pass on their knowledge and experience to onboard newcomers to the field. For instance, sales managers can easily create courses for selling tactics according to the product range. There are also features to automate training and also to sell courses online.

The straightforward interface allows you to quickly lookup learning reports, find courses, locate user information, and create courses. Instructors can quickly create tests, exams, and quizzes to gauge the learning progress of their trainees.

The only major con of the mobile learning app is that gamification is the key missing element.

8. DigitalChalk Corporate LMS

Since this mobile learning app is so versatile, it can be used in both commercial and academic settings with equal ease. Companies will find that they have the full spectrum of features for promoting career development such as creating and modifying courses, administering users and instructors, providing multiple channels for courses, and creating reports. The tools provided for creating courses are comprehensive.

Human resource managers have various tools at their disposal for measuring the progress of personnel on the eLearning platform. Features are available to check on the progress of video-based courses.

Both administrators and users have access to a user-friendly console powered by a wide range of robust features. Instructors, for instance, can quickly select tabs for creating courses, managing courses, and recording grades. Likewise, administrators can print out user reports in the CSV format and use keywords for finding relevant fields and courses. There is also an automation feature for preparing customized reports at regular intervals. Admins, users, and instructors can also select themes to customize their selection menus.

For creating courses, trainers have the freedom to import just about any kind of file they prefer. They can also include videos up to 1 GB in size.

Mobile learning

9. Axis LMS

Axis LMS has almost fully revamped and upgraded its system for even better performance. Thus, one of the best mobile learning apps in the business market has become even better. The software allows for unlimited users thus facilitating scalability.

The interface is self-explanatory and thus easy to master. The learning platform uses simple icons, which helps improve the user experience. You can locate all needed functions quickly by activating the right tab such as user management and reports. The dashboard has features arranged in alphabetical order for easy location. Displayed icons help you to quickly perceive what the feature is about. The comprehensive list of features includes discussion forums, scheduled reports, and live classes. Axis empowers instructors through the drag-and-drop functionality to easily modify course content, tests, exams, and quizzes.

The approach to course management is highly granular. For instance, you can divide your courses into different modules and manage them separately. Uploading new files, managing existing files, and modifying courses are all a cinch. Instructors also have a gradebook  for recording course progress.

The versatile learning platform enables administrators to easily customize the portal design. Thus, they can add widgets for self-enrollment, course listing, daily calendars, document libraries, and news articles.

10. SAP Litmos

The SAP Litmos LMS combines affordability with a high-performance system that can cater to all sorts of organizations.

 SAP Litmos is a market leader in enterprise-level online learning. The platform extends all conventional basic features coupled with advanced specialized functions that will be useful for sales training for example. Some of the biggest corporate entities are using SAP Litmos which is a testament to the high value that it provides to the business. Small and mid level businesses also stand to gain a lot by using the SAP Litmos LMS.

To speed up deployment and efficient use, companies can also take advantage of high-quality training and customer service from SAP Litmos.

Dashboards for admins and users are designed for simplicity. Thus, you have quick access to reports, teams, users, and courses. Administrators have the full toolset they need to manage user accounts with perfect ease. Users and admins can also customize their consoles by getting to choose from various layouts, icons, color schemes, banners, and more.

11. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS stands out as one of the leading solutions for midsize and large businesses. This learning mobile app has all that you will ever need to implement enterprise-wide e-learning and training.

The list of functions and features is comprehensive. You can benefit from the responsive web app, intuitive user interface, smart filtering, integrated e-commerce, and gamification functions. Bigger businesses will stand to gain a lot from bargain prices that come with more user licenses.

Thanks to the user-friendly UI philosophy and dashboards, the app is simple to administer.

The only major con is that available plans are less economically feasible for small businesses. Hence, small businesses should seek out alternatives like SAP Litmos LMS.

Final Thoughts

Described above are some of the very best mobile learning apps for business on the market. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose from one of the above with a high level of confidence.

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