Creating adaptive learning paths is possible with Raccoon Gang conditional Xmodule

New Conditional Xmodule functionality from Raccoon Gang

As we mentioned in our recent article about conditional Xmodule location ID, this was just the first step on the way to a bigger update that was being developed back then. This update is live now and we are proud to introduce the entirely new Conditional Xmodule functionality developed by Raccoon Gang! What does it do? It allows revealing or hiding certain parts of the course material depending on the learners grades and test results. This allows skipping the material more experienced learners already know, thus creating and adaptive learning path, which is promising for delivering improved learning outcomes.

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New Conditional Xmodule functionality from Raccoon Gang

As of now, conditional Xmodule is a bulky and rather inconvenient course component, as it can be imported via XML only and cannot be modified as easily as the other components. Here are the official instructions on adding Xmodule to Open edX, showcasing all the steps for adding said Xmodule to the course or modifying it.

Due to introducing new conditional Xmodule location ID functionaity, working with it is an easy task from now on. Just watch the screenshots:

First, you mention the conditional Xmodule in the list of advanced course components –

adding Xmodule to the component list

and it appears in the list as shown below

Xmodule in the component list

You can now edit this conditional Xmodule as you would do with any other course component. Just see the screenshots for the possible actions.

new Xmodule interface

editing conditional Xmodule

adding text to Xmodule

We are proud to be contributing to the improvement of Open edX platform. Turning a bulky and inconvenient conditional Xmodule into a standard component is an update many MOOC providers and course authors were waiting for. This poll request is currently accepted and the functionality should be included into the next Open edX release. 

Should you have any questions – feel free to  comment, we are always glad to help!

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