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Open edX Platform Is Great for Corporate eLearning

Why Open edX® Platform Is Great for Corporate eLearning

Corporate eLearning is rapidly gaining popularity, as more and more corporations realize its potential. According to IBM report, each $1 invested in eLearning can yield up to $30 of potential profit and result in 50% boost of employee’s productivity.

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Why Open edX® Platform Is Great for Corporate eLearning

Another benefit is that using eLearning leads to greatly increasing corporate training efficiency by lowering time expenses by nearly 50% as compared to standard instructional training while reducing costs by more than 60%. This naturally leads to questioning which eLearning platform is the best for corporations. In this article, we will tell you why Open edX platform is great for Corporate eLearning.

Open edX provides two major components – Studio for designing course content and LMS (Learning Management System). Studio is a convenient tool, operating xBlocks – separate units of content, which can be composed of courses in needed sequence. Many authors can collaborate on one course, which allows rapid course construction and structure adjustment if need be. Studio comes with a huge number of pre-installed data arrays on a variety of topics, which helps provide a solid carcass for any corporate eLearning course.

Open edX LMS is a convenient system that helps instructors in managing the courses, tracking student’s progress, grading their achievements and measuring the efficiency of literally any activity. It also provides a very engaging learning experience via an interactive Laboratory, where your students can have different experiments and witness their outcome without investing money into real equipment. Latest Open edX platform versions deliver robust analytics, thus forming the basis for informed decision making and operational support.

Open edX Platfrom Benefits for Corporate Elearning

One of the most important benefits of Open edX platform is that it was designed with mid-to-large size audiences in mind (which fits the needs of colleges, universities, companies and corporations perfectly). It was originally intended for use at MIT, Berkeley, and Harvard, meaning that the platform had to provide extreme quality in terms of stability and user experience. Not all the instructors are tech savvy, yet the Open edX course creation process is easy and convenient, so it causes nearly no issues. And in case the questions do arise – the platform boasts a robust and detailed support documentation, allowing to answer any questions on Open edX functionality.

Personal Details and Data Security

Open edX platform is an open-source solution, which operates on a Linux-based cloud environment. This framework delivers great functionality, allowing to integrate multiple third-party modules and plugins into the system, thus being easily brandable and adjustable for any corporate needs. While being free to use, Open edX does require some investment to launch and some maintenance expenses, but this has much better ROI as compared to the classic training system.

Open edX architecture allows both storing your data in the cloud or deploying it on your corporate servers. In either case, the platform provides immense security mechanisms to ensure your corporate data and personal details are safe and secure.

Many corporations worldwide, including the ones in Fortune 500 already transitioned to Open edX platform for their eLearning purposes, as this step:

  • Helped them save around 50% of time spent  on internal training

  • Helped them cut the expenses by half
  • Helped them increase employees’ productivity

eLearning market grows rapidly, with more than $107 billion earned in 2015, and much of it comes from corporate eLearning. Entrepreneurs worldwide highly appreciate this approach, which helps them improve their staff motivation, skills, and productivity while being much cheaper than standard training system. Raccoon Gang offers you a possibility to experience all the benefits Open edX has to offer by building your own highly-customized product, suited for your needs!

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