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LMS for nonprofits

Nonprofits pursue noble goals but need global reach and substantial support to deliver a notable impact. This always means some exchange of the information. Learning management system is a great solution allowing to exchange information and knowledge efficiently, especially for a geographically diversified volunteer pool, peers, investors, etc.

Who will benefit

What are the benefits

How We Help

  • We help deliver efficient online training for employees and volunteers in short terms and within minimum budget
  • We brand and customize the solution to align with the nonprofit’s vision, motto and website appearance
  • We help create the online training materials and provide consulting on delivering the most impact with them through the use of instructional design and multiple engagement features
  • We integrate various communication channels like third party modules and social networks to ensure the best possible communication and collaboration is available to your community
  • We help set different access levels for course authors and learners, as well as providing personal course access to individuals
  • We configure the analytics precisely to help measure the efficiency of training strategies chosen and adjust them if need be

Our Work

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