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7 Advanced Mobile eLearning Tools

It is no wonder that mobile learning has emerged as one of the most rapidly evolving industries in recent times. More and more people are now accessing the internet and different learning resources via mobile devices. This certainly gives rise to the need of mobile eLearning tools which would help in developing engaging content for the learners, while providing them an easy access to all the resources without the limitation of time and location. For your assistance, we’ve created a list of popular mobile eLearning tools that you can use to develop an interactive eLearning course. Let’s have a closer look!

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7 Advanced Mobile eLearning Tools

The Growing Need for Mobile eLearning Platforms

When we talk about mobile eLearning, we talk about the countless benefits that are associated with this learning platform. For instance, the most convenient and prominent of all benefits is the flexibility to access the learning material from any location and at any time. This growing need and popularity of mobile eLearning are definitely transforming the eLearning industry immensely. We’ve already covered the topic of mLearning importance in our blog.

So, what tools do you need to create an interactive mobile eLearning course? There are a lot of mobile eLearning tools out there. They are handy, easy to operate and come with numerous features and options to provide you the best content developing experience and to meet your online course requirements. We are going to cover the following tools in this article:

  • Claro
  • Articulate Storyline
  • iSpring Suite
  • SumTotal ToolBook
  • Lectora
  • Adobe Captivate


Claro will help you in creating an online course with the use of mobile-compliant HTML5. The tool provides excellent features and options to incorporate into your learning course. The options that come with this tool include pre-designed mobile themes along with a wide variety of assessment functionality, which is commonly available in a desktop course.

Whether you wish to develop responsive content, software stimulation or the conventional eLearning course, the tool provides all the features that you need. Some of the best features of Claro mobile eLearning tool include:

  • Adaptive and responsive output
  • HTML, full-featured authoring
  • Reuse and sharing of content
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Publishing options for apps, LMS, LRS, print

The content created with the help of Claro tool can easily be re-used to fulfill both formal and informal requirements. Also, it eliminates the need to develop multiple versions.

Articulate Storyline

This is definitely one of the most famous mobile eLearning tools amongst all other available options. Articulate Storyline enables the content developer to publish the learning content either as native iOS app or HTML5, like a web-app. The tool is simple, best for beginners and effective enough for experts. The features of this content creating tool truly consider the mobile functionality and help in developing better, simple and quick mobile capabilities.

You may use the quizzes, slide layers and characters to easily create an interactive course. The easily accessible tool both by iPads and desktop users provides learners the best learning experience. With that, you also get an access to features like touch screen gesture support and mobile-friendly playback. Both of these optimized features offer deep interaction in your eLearning course while making it more responsive and providing an optimal view on every mobile device.

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a great mLearning development tool. It helps in converting content into comprehensive online mobile courses. As you create your eLearning course using iSpring Suite, it runs seamlessly on all operating systems or smartphones. iSpringtool comes with a range of publishing options such as Flash, HTML5, ZIP archives, .exe formats and to the web.

The tool offers some powerful capabilities that help in building engaging and interactive learning content and presentations. The material is easily accessible from all devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets. Moreover, the learners can even learn in offline mode on their mobile devices.

SumTotal ToolBook

This mobile eLearning tool is one of the oldest ones available today. The tool offers the great feature of geo-location for mobile support. The tool is now being used as version 11 and it is one of the famous content development tools for eLearning courses. With a great many features, this eLearning tool offers templates which are tailor-made for health care training, compliance training, and soft skill training and so on.

All of these mobile features are exceptionally compatible with almost all the mobile web browsers such as Firefox and Safari. The tool also offers the advantage of drag and drop option that is incorporated in iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This mobile eLearning tool is commonly used in organizations to provide training material to employees and to help them gain competency and skills to perform their jobs better. The authoring tool offers a design-driven solution to create mobile learning content.


Lectora offers content to a variety of mobile devices. It works with HTML5 and provides flexible solution to create content. The content development tool offers three user-friendly models which include Camtasia 8 to enhance and develop video tutorials, Flypaper 3.9 to facilitate Flash animation and Snagit 11 to develop learning tools from screen captures. Moreover, users may receive feedback by publishing course to ReviewLink.

The tool is commonly used to create multi-device eLearning courses and is an ideal solution to create mLearning course by converting text-heavy content. The mobile eLearning tool is popular to fit both native eLearning apps and web-based. Just like above-discussed authoring tool Claro, which enables you to create a course and publish it with the help of HTML5 as web-based apps, Lectora Mobile is offered by Lectora.

The tool is widely being used to create mobile-friendly online courses. It also includes the feature of Responsive Course Design that further facilitates the creation of courses for multiple devices and with improved features.

Adobe Captivate

Anyone who has even the slightest knowledge about mobile authoring tools must know this famous mobile eLearning tool. Just like other content creation tools, Captivate also facilitate in creating eLearning courses and then publish these courses as web-apps with the help of HTML5. The content development tool also integrates with a range of existing LMSs along with HTML5 catalog animations.

The tool offers great features which simplify the process of developing mobile eLearning course. The tool significantly reduces the content creation time by introducing new innovative Fluid Boxes. This feature uses white space to automatically align objects. Most importantly, the tool provides great flexibility to convert the existing desktop course into a responsive mobile learning content along with the feature to customize them. Anyone who has already used the Adobe suite previously must know that this is one of the most popular tools in all other content developing tools.


IWEBKIT is an exclusive solution for iOS devices. The content optimization tool is an easy and simple HTML editor that offers a range of templates along with plugins for WordPress and Drupal. The tool comes with many loaded extensions, icons, and different styles. It is a great framework to create professional mobile websites quite conveniently. The tool comes with a user guide which makes this kit easily accessible to everyone.

So, anyone having even the slightest HTML knowledge will find this tool easily comprehensible. The tool is easily customizable, loads extremely fast and is easy to use. The templates offered by this tool includes multiple list views and different navigation bars.

The Bottom Line

Use the above-discussed mobile eLearning tools and take the expense and time out of creating traditional mobile courses. All of these tools are excellent in terms of creating mobile content and providing a great chance to achieve learning objectives. These tools help you create multi-platform eLearning courses which help the learners in getting convenient access to an eLearning course without the limitation of time, location or the need to follow the race.

Regardless of the technological device, your learners choose to go with, use these tools to transform your eLearning course into a user-friendly, interactive and engaging mobile learning experience.

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