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Choosing an Open edX Service Provider: What You Should Know?

Choosing an Open edX® Service Provider: What You Should Know?

With the latest technologies allowing for better, faster, and more efficient software systems to be developed, there is no doubt there has been great advancement in online education systems.

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Choosing an Open edX® Service Provider: What You Should Know?

The future of online education requires easy-to-use, convenient, and efficient platforms that can be used by universities, NGOs, governmental organizations, corporations, and even entrepreneurs. For example, the open-source code platform offered by Open edX service providers allows them to shape their digital learning experience.

The Open edX platform includes a Learning Management System platform in addition to a Studio. The Studio is a sophisticated Open edX feature that allows users to easily navigate course creation tools and design their course materials and more. Most educational organizations and even corporations use Open edX sites for blended learning, employee training, custom onboarding, and more.

About Open edX

Open edX was established in 2012 and started with only 155,00 students enrolled in its first online course. The open-source learning platform was designed for the online learning portal, edx.org, which is a non-profit organization created by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider, which has over 35 million registered users enrolled in its courses or programs as of 2020.

Open edX platforms offer multiple university-level courses free of cost, which have been verified by reputable colleges and universities. Interactive learning exercises, tutorial videos, online textbooks, online discussion forums, and even online laboratories for technical courses, make it a viable alternative to traditional classroom learning. The flexibility and diversity of Open edX sites allow accessibility and availability to learners all around the world.

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Desirable 7 Features in Open edX Service Providers

Open edX service providers design their software with certain tools and features to help you create an effective, interactive, and engaging online course or training program. Course authors may require specific functionalities depending on the requirement of their course content or target audience.

Periodical system reports, accurate activity grading, reliable authentication, excellent compliance management, virtual mobile learning, and a variety of formats are only a few examples of the multiple benefits you get from using Open edX. Here are some of the most useful features that you can find on most Open edX platforms and sites.

Open edX service providers help construct learning systems.

1. Comfortable User Interface Design

A course that is structured in a way that is easy to navigate improves the entire learning process for the user. Open edX provides a comfortable but effective interface design that can enhance the online learning experience.

For example, having a clear structure for your modules and lessons can help students understand which lessons they have gone through, and which assessments remain. Additionally, the progress dashboard is a feature of Open edX that helps learners monitor their course progression and results.

2. Extensive Range of Types of Content

Using different multimedia tools can be beneficial in improving the quality and engagement of your content. Open edX service providers offer various materials you can integrate into your courses, such as text, images, videos, interactive multimedia, SCORM, LTI, lab simulations, and assessment tools.

3. Instructor Interface Tools and Functionalities

Apart from creating engaging content, it is also necessary to organize your course in a way that is easy for you to manage. From building the course structure to managing the rules of enrollment, i.e., access settings, prerequisites, etc. Open edX service providers have functions to cover even specific needs.  You can manage certificates, visual features, monetization, content routing, and even build reports that track learning metrics.

4. Options for Customization

Comprehensive theming is an example of customization which allows you to tailor your user interface flexibly. Another example is adaptive learning technology. This is used for educational process improvement by extracting data to modify teaching methods. Adaptive learning architectures allow for real-time interaction and automated individualized support.

Competency-based learning is a method used to help students advance their skills at their convenience. It uses self-directed knowledge assessments, skill-based branching scenarios, and scenario-based learning modern concepts.

Animations and gamification included in your Open edX courses are very effective in retention and progress rates. Modern eLearning systems require unconventional methods for effectiveness. Lastly, Open edX mobile apps allow accessibility and availability to students in any location.

5. Socialization Features

Creating that sense of community in an online learning environment is crucial to improve the educational experience. Students need to be able to interact and communicate with one another regarding the course content. Features on Open edX platforms allow you to add social features that your learners can use to collaborate, discuss topics, share ideas, give feedback, and take part in polls or surveys about the course content.

Discussions and group tasks can help build goodwill in your online class. You can create them to be specific for certain topics or assignments. Communication between instructor and learner is even more important so that you are aware of the progress of your students. Furthermore, if they are not clear on a lecture or feel that your course outline is too fast-paced, they can inform you accordingly.

6. Analytic Reporting Features

Great Open edX service providers use analytic features to monitor enrollments and the progress of each student. They create regular reports to help you identify the areas of your course that need improvement. This is in addition to evaluating the problems students may be having in their assessments, and monitoring their learning progress.

7. Gamification Tools

Adding gamification features to an Open edX course can enhance the learning experience and increase user engagement. From badges and certificates to quizzes and leaderboards, there are many ways to incorporate gamification elements into an online learning platform. By doing so, service providers can create a more effective and enjoyable learning environment.

open edx platform

Choosing the Best Open edX Service Providers

Finding the right platform to start up your online education system is a very important step. The right service provider will have the necessary tools and features that you need to design, organize, maintain, and execute your online course.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the best service providers used by Open edX. We advise that you look through each of these in detail to get a clearer understanding of which one is suitable for you.

1. Raccoon Gang

We have innovative solutions using the best online learning technology to provide adaptive learning, gamification, analytics, and more. Our design team uses their creativity to build visually appealing interfaces that are easy to navigate. As preferred Open Edx service providers our team creates online education platforms for various universities and organizations.

RG Analytics

One of our standout solutions is our analytics feature, which allows for deep insight into user engagement, performance, and other key metrics. This feature allows instructors and administrators to gain a better understanding of how their learners are progressing through the course and identify areas where improvements can be made. By analyzing data and tracking progress, RG Analytics helps to ensure that learners are getting the most out of their online learning experience.

RG Gamification

In addition to our analytics feature, we also offer a comprehensive gamification solution that helps to enhance the learning experience and keep learners engaged. Our gamification feature includes badges, certificates, leaderboards, and other game-like mechanics that encourage learners to progress through the course and achieve their goals. By incorporating challenging elements into the learning experience, RG Gamification helps to make online learning more engaging and enjoyable for learners.

2. OpenCraft

OpenCraft allows you to maintain your Open edX platform by providing high-quality services. With experience in projects with renowned universities such as Harvard, Duke, and Berkeley, OpenCraft can provide top-notch open-source code hosting. They can assist you with analytics, XBlocks, e-commerce, themes, and other custom integrations.

3. Abstract Technology

Based in Germany, Abstract Technology provides software solutions to digital agencies. They have experience in implementing innovative solutions to universities, academies, research institutes, and industrial and retail organizations.

As one of the best Open edX service providers in Europe, they offer individual software development, solution integration, consultancy, digital learning format designing, and hosting services.

4. Edly

Edly has an impressive portfolio of clients such as Stanford University, MIT, UCSD, and more. They help them in customization and branding, e-commerce, XBlock development, and implementation, integrating analytics, supporting third-party integration, consultancy, and course authoring.

5. ABC

Established in 2015, ABC is one of the most diverse, international Open edX service providers. They help clients from various continents with the installation. Theming, Insights, e-commerce, and Open edX mobile app integration and implementation.

6. Alemira

As a digital learning ecosystem, Alemira offers active learning solutions to business and educational institutions. The SIT Alemira hybrid platform is fully customizable and can boost customer training, improve talent development, and bring innovations to your services.

They can help deploy an integrated University Management System to help educational institutions engage more with students, improve learning patterns, and reduce the workload of creating online course content.

7. Broadsmart

Broadsmart is a leading cloud-based communications and solutions provider. They provide an array of integrated solutions spanning the entire ICT spectrum.

In addition to support and management, they also help their clients manage every aspect of their ICT systems. This includes analyzing and planning the current business needs of changing corporate environments.

8. IBL Education

IBL Education allows you to have full control of your online courses with Open edX. They use deep learning analytics, training services, and real-time online course production to help you design your Open edX platform.

They have experience working with one of the largest IT training companies in the world, i.e., Global Knowledge, in addition to IBM, NVIDIA, and the US Air Force.

9. iLearn

As one of the leading middle-eastern technology and Open edX service providers, iLearn assists in eLearning and education technologies.

It uses multi-lingual support and communication to deliver complete services to institutes of higher education, government organizations, and corporations. iLearn can assist with payment gateways, XBlocks, and other custom developmental features.

10. Magic Mind

Magia Digital’s Peru-based e-learning focused division, Magic Mind, helps businesses and educational institutes reach their goals through their knowledge of implementing and managing Open edX platforms.

They specialize in theming, custom deployments, and maintaining the LMS platform. Moreover, their world-class experts can advise you on various digital education developments, such as marketing landing pages, migration tools, certificates and insight modules, and even AI and Blockchain implementation.

11. eduNext

eduNext can help you get the most out of your Open edX platform at a reasonable price. Their professional services and fully featured Open edX cloud subscriptions provide easy automation and complete functionality.

The latest Open edX versions such as edX e-commerce and edX insights, allow you to easily run and manage your site. Additionally, you can consult their professionals for custom development features, ongoing support plans, and installation and configuration services.

12. Learniphi

This Indian e-Learning company provides end-to-end eLearning solutions to design and develop products for various organizations, both in the educational and industrial fields. Learniphi uses innovative technology to cater to a large instructor client base.

13. Unify

Another Indian-based Open edX service provider is Unify. They can help you with deployment on multiple cloud software, such as Azure or GCP. They configure, host, customize, manage, and scale the Open edX platform to suit your needs. They add relevant features and content to appeal to your learners.

Apart from technical support in course uploading, they can also integrate content, commerce, and certificate software. Their search configuration, course forum configuration, and other tailor-made configurations can help you optimize your platform.

The array of learning solutions they provide are not limited to these. Their team is skilled in program and courseware designing, designing the digital learning environment, and providing learning analytic services.

In Conclusion

Selecting from these Open edX service providers will ensure that you have an engaging and immersive online learning experience for your users. The one you choose will depend on your unique requirements and the kind of service you are planning to provide. A training program may require a different Open edX feature than an online subject course.

Therefore, analyzing your needs and requirements will help you conclude which of these Open edX service providers is the best fit for you. You can contact us to learn more about our Open edX services and customized online learning solutions.

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